Friday, April 10, 2015

"Out of Africa and Around the World" - Atanas Ourkouzounov: Folk Song Variations - Vojislav Ivanovic: Cafe Pieces - Carlos R. Rivera: Cancion - Dusan Bogdanovic: Blues and 7 variations - Alan Thomas: Out of Africa - Denis Azabagic, Guitar - Cedille 2013

Here's more from the previously unopened/unheard piles for everyone; I have been in quite the guitar mood lately and have many other such recordings lined up for the near future. Cedille Records is a fantastic label that lovingly releases much unheard/unknown music played by musicians who are almost exclusively from Chicago, home of Cedille. The record label is actually a not-for-profit, so while I hope most of the posts on my blog inspire visitors to go buy the original discs or digital files-in the case of a company like Cedille it's that much more important. Check out their website, consider buying and supporting this label so the music continues: 

So, I am up to Vojislav Ivanovic's "Cafe Pieces" currently and I'm enjoying them. The first work on the disc, "Folk Song Variations" by Atanas Ourkouzounov I enjoyed even more, it's an enthralling set of variations on a Bulgarian folksong called 'Pozaspa li iagodo?' ('Are you sleeping, Strawberry?'), which I think is just such a cute title. As for the rest...I have no idea, haven't gotten there yet ;)  I'm pretty sure the only composer here who I am already familiar with is Carlos Rafael Rivera. So, cloak thyselves in a guitar mood and let's listen to what happens next...

Enjoy everyone (you there, Paul? :)


Paul Terry said...

Outstanding, thank you , my friend. This will go down well this weekend.

Tzadik said...

Hey Paul, you are welcome as always! Listen, I noticed that every time I have tried to leave comments on your blog, they don't get published. You have the comments set to be moderated first, however I'm thinking perhaps it's just not working? BTW I just d/led a few albums from the blog and they are just fantastic :) Enjoying the Manuel Castillo at this moment


Tzadik said...
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Tzadik said...

Actually Paul, I'd like to be able to email you if that's ok. Shoot me an email so I can save your address.


Paul Terry said...

Hey Tzadik... strangeness, because I have been approving your comments only they haven't been showing up... not sure what's going on as a few others have left comments... I did the same thing simply "accepted" the comments... (I thought you were deleting them for some reason.) Oh well... in all likelihood it is probably operator error...(Me) I am new to blogging.

Tzadik said...

Emailed you back, but you already know this I would imagine. TZ

Paul Terry said...

I finally got enough free time to give this a proper listen. Very tasty. I like the fact there are so many new and fresh compositions on here. This album really is going down well. Modern, but tonal. Well crafted.

jama said...

Hey dear,

I discovered your blog a few days ago and thank you for those rarities you propose. But it is impossible to download a lot of those rarities because they have expired on Zippyshare.
So, is it possible for you to repost:
- Papandopoulo
- Glière ,Cello Concerto
- Nosyrev, piano Concerto
- Kacinkas, Chamber Music
- Kamra Ince, Concerto pour Orchestre
- Iva Bittova

Thank you in any case - Jama