Friday, July 31, 2015

Florence Price - The Oak - Mississippi Suite - Symphony No. 3 - The Women's Philharmonic, Apo Hsu, Director - Koch Classics 2001

Hello everyone. I'm in a rush as usual, although this time it's a pleasant 'rush' as I'm going away for the weekend. Leaving in 30 minutes in fact and still need to pack. So...I wanted to quickly leave all
of you with an interesting and important recording-Florence Price was the first African-American female composer to be recognized seriously as a symphonist. Her music is in many ways "all-American", and not unlike William Grant Still she often incorporated 'negro' folk spirituals and other folk musics into her own works, which are delightful and substantial both. This Koch recording is fantastic from start to finish. I must run and thus cannot supply more info at this time. The mp3 files however do contain a bio about Price, that should help for now..

Enjoy this special release and good weekend to everyone!


Toon van Dijk said...

An all women project. For sure we can not hear the difference with an all men project.
Many thanks and regards from The Netherlands.
Veel dank en groeten uit Nederland.

Joan Tallada said...

Have a nice week-end you too, Tzadik!

Unknown said...

Many thanks! Who actually conducts? (the file says JoAnne Falletta.

Anonymous said...

Listened to this last night on my iPod while reading. Put me in a very nice state of mind. thanks

Tzadik said...

Halo Toon and thank you as always for commenting. It is exactly as you said-what we have here is, simply good music, composed by a talented composer, and played here by talented musicians.

How many female composers (<---it's superfluous to say "neglected") from the past few hundred years whose music and stories have yet to surface-one can't even imagine.


Tzadik said...

Thank you for stopping by Joan, and although I missed your message at the time- another weekend is indeed upon us-so I hope this one shall be as pleasant or more so than the last ;-)


Tzadik said...

Hi DrRay3, you are very welcome!

Not sure what's up with the file info-must be an issue with the database iTunes uses. The actual conductor is Apo Hsu.


Tzadik said...

Anon thanks for writing, orchestral music is that much more of an all-encompassing experience thru headphones! Happy you enjoy


Sensualpoet said...

It would be very lovely to have this unique recording links restored. Thank you!