Monday, March 28, 2016

Alan Hovhaness - Seven Love Songs of Saris for Violin and Piano, Opus 252c- Christina Fong, Violin - Paul Hersey, Piano - OgreOgress 2012

Hello everyone. Yes, it is me. Once again I simply must express my gratitude; It didn't take long after the inception of this blog for me to realize that I was fortunate to have many a wonderful visitors stopping in. Now more than ever your support is so very solicitous and so very generous. And needless to say - extremely welcome. Things continue to be (oh, the existentialism!!) and I am trying to get back in the swing of things. Speaking of swinging...surely I will not be found in a park or under a tree doing that any time soon (I do have a young daughter after all!); my rotator cuff on the left side decided it was time to tear last Thursday (last year it was the right side).  I might as well have been expecting it at this point. Perhaps I'm a baseball player or wrestler and I do not know it?

Get on with it you say? ;-)

This is something of an unintentional tease I suppose; my first post in over a month and it's a work that lasts only about 8 minutes. As far as teenie-tiny releases goes it is beautiful one at least! Vivian Fong performs this Hovhaness world premiere sinuously and devotedly - her playing is as always perfection. Paul Hersey's pianism is luminous, and like Fong he is no stranger to AH's music; and like Fong he has lent his fingers to almost all of the sublime OgreOgress Hovhaness discs. This is lovely, delicate music and classic AH sound terrain in the very best sense.

When I bought this it included several formats, so I am posting the flac files as the main download and then also the mp3 @ 320 for those who prefer. Really it's just a 20 mb size difference. 

"Seven Love Songs of Saris" for Violin and Piano, Opus 252c

I. Andante
II. Allegretto
III. Allegro moderato
IV. Adagio
V. Andante
VI. Allegro
VII. Lento

Tomorrow I (truly) will be posting more, I am stuck at home resting on doctor's orders. And should you find yourself in a Hovhaness state of mind - tomorrow's 'programme' will be agreeable ;)


Flac: (40 mb)

320 mp3:


Art Rock said...

Welcome back - good to see you post again!

Marcelo Lasta said...

Graciaaaaaaaas por Hovahness,the best salud para ti,querido amigo! Suyo Tapirman.

cjvinthechair said...

Not, as you may (possibly ?) recall, much of a one for 'chamber' style works, but in honour of your return I've downloaded AH, & am listening now.
Atmospheric little snippets, soulful even, but...guess will stick with the larger works !
So glad you're on a slightly more even keel; hope the shoulder doesn't prevent raising a restorative glass.

bruce said...

Yes indeed, a "Hovhaness state of mind". It is so.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you're back. I hope things start getting better for you.

I don't know what the ethics are of pointing one blog to another, but here's a site that offers a recording of an obscure work by Hovhaness,

It's one of three works commissioned for a promotional recording to promote Eastern Airlines.

Again, best wishes.

Tzadik said...

Hey there Art Rock! Thank you my friend, it's nice to be back!


Tzadik said...

Hola mi querido amigo. Tengo que decir que he perdido el T-hombre;-) Espero que disfruten de este "nuevo" pieza Hovhaness; es corto y dulce. Me encuentro jugando un par de veces en una fila antes de que yo estoy satisfecho de seguir adelante! Me ganas de estar en contacto, una vez más,

su T

Tzadik said...

Hello dear Cjv it's great to hear from you. I am happy to report that I can indeed raise a glass - provided I have taken the pain killers first :)

Soulful (and undeniably spiritual in feeling as it's AH) is something the music here is. For me it's all so enjoyable and my only quibble is that it ends to quickly. As I was just telling Tapirman I find myself playing it three times in a row before I feel I can move on!

By the way, just when I thought that the flood was behind me and forward movement possible - now thanks to you it's returned. Yes, it is because of you that my heart is now flooded with disappointment.....that you are STILL unwilling to confess warming to (even soulful by your own admittance) any chamber music whatsoever!

"intoleranceinthechair" is more like it ;-)


Tzadik said...

Hi Bruce, good, I hope you enjoy today's Hovhaness posts then :-)


Tzadik said...

Philip! Thank you so much for the heads up! I have to say I had absolutely no knowledge of the existence of this promo. I never saw a reference to it anywhere. I am familiar with the blogs by the owner, although I do not actually know him. Sharing such things is welcomed, it's nice for other visitors and in this case fantastic for me :-)

What an oddball promo. I'm playing the Hovhaness now, it's rather good, signature style AH. I'm not so sure about the aleatoric passage in the strings though; while this is something I love within AH works - might this make potential travelers of the time nervous? In this context it's sound is nothing short of "extreme turbulence"! I'm on to the Creston...cheerful, it's Christmas all over :)

Thanks again my friend,


Glenn Freeman said...

Please remove any and all links to pirated versions of our work. Theft does not help us.

Thank you,
OgreOgress productions