Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Paul Hindemith - Violin Concerto - Sonata for Solo Violin - Three Sonatas for Violin and Piano - Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra - Paavo Jarvi - Frank Peter Zimmermann, Violin - BIS 2013

Greetings everyone. It's been quiet around here I know, I just haven't had the energy to post. Especially as I dislike posting wonderful music without writing about all of it's splendor. Thus I've been droning through life's often workaday relentlessness. My listening has not slowed down needless to say, as your dear blogger here would find himself in a straightjacket! 

I have been itching every single day to post. So for now the offering is one of the finest Hindemith
recordings of the last couple years. In fact one of the finest Hindemith discs period. It's one of the best accounts of the Sonatas with all of there spiky yet also lyrical deliciousness and in my opinion-the absolute *finest* modern recording of the Violin Concerto. 

-Thanks in advance to anyone who has left comments lately (I will get to them soon), and of course to all visitors for visiting! Must run now, so I'm just adding a review from Gramophone at this time:

The benchmark recording of Hindemith’s Violin Concerto remains Oistrakh’s with the composer from 1962, now 50 years old but still sounding excellent. Other recordings have come and gone but none has shown such staying power, except Gertler’s not-much-younger account for Supraphon. Dene Olding’s (coupled with the Fourth Kammermusik) is the best of the newer issues (much securer than Guttman) but not a first choice. Frank Peter Zimmermann’s interpretation, on the other hand, is the real deal. His technique is more than adequate to the Concerto’s virtuoso challenges and his musicianship to its expressive potential. His account is also lighter in tone and swifter than either Oistrakh’s or Gertler’s, with no loss of gravity where needed.

These same attributes are evident in his readings of the four sonatas, neatly made up of one unaccompanied with three of the four with piano. Rolf Wallin set the bar for the violin sonatas (with and without piano) 18 years ago but Zimmermann makes the Swede (and Bieler in Op 31 No 2) seem almost (but not quite) heavy-footed by comparison. Tempo is the key, Zimmermann’s readings pacier without being driven or sacrificing his beautifully consonant tone. To be sure, Pöntinen has the edge over Enrico Pace in the accompaniments, though Pace is better suited to partner Zimmermann.

This is the kind of advocacy Hindemith’s music has been crying out for, caught in top-notch sound, as usual. Let’s hope this team set down Kammermusik No 4, the remaining two sonatas (Op 11 No 2 and Op 31 No 1) and the Tuttifäntchen Suite soon.




Anonymous said...

Thanks! Keep on posting!

BTW, there is a new CD with Schulhoff's music available -

Would go nicely with your Schulhoff's shares.


Paul Terry said...

Thanks again. I have just recently started dipping into Hindemith's catalog. This looks perfect!

Joan Tallada said...

Welcome back! Never apologize for not showing up. If you are generous enough to share music and thoughts, we should be patient enough to wait until you feel it is time to deliver.

Tzadik said...

Hi there Piterets

You are most welcome friend, and I will continue posting, I just didn't expect life to become so very difficult. Leaves me torn apart and thus my energy is often spent. Anyhow, thanks for the link I will check it out! TZ

Tzadik said...

Happy to offer this stellar Hindemith disc, I'm most certain you will like it if you are getting re~acquainted with his music! Best, TZ

Tzadik said...

Oops last message was to Paul specifically

Tzadik said...

Hi Joan, it's always nice to hear from you :)
Thanks for the welcome, I'd love to be around here daily, perhaps in the near future I will again be able to do so. I appreciate you take on things-indeed I too have always felt the same, and just so very grateful when a blogger posts anything. I used to visit some blogs where if the owner was "missing" for a few days, people would leave comments like "why are you not posting?" or "Have you died?" etc. and that always annoyed me! I found myself defending the blog owner usually, not terrible helpful in any real sense, ha. TZ

Tzadik said...

Oops I appreciate YOUR take on things I meant ;)