Monday, August 24, 2015

Obscure Finnish composer holds his free concert in Helsinki

A composer so obscure even his name is a mystery. All that is known about the maestro is that his music flows freely, he is fond of Handel, and has a brother who lives in Brussels, Belgium.


coppinsuk said...

Brilliant - I like your wit.

Will ruffle a few prudish feathers, no doubt.

You can enjoy good music and have a sense of humour at the same time.

More please. Perhaps start a blog of basic humour in music?


Douglas (UK)

Marcelo Lasta said...

¿esta orinando al car de la motosierras sthil,que destruyen la amada foresta de Sibelius acaso,o será un opus del finés Leifs Sagestram= Sinfonia nr.8889? jajajajajajajaja,muuuuuuuuuuuy bueno,Tzadik!!

Jaime said...

Very good :) I agree with the first reply, you have a talent with words and such a blog would be extremely welcome!

Tzadik said...

Hi Douglas, thank you for your kind words! I have thought of doing a fun, light-hearted blog full of images and small stories-the only trouble at this time is my lack of time! I have also wanted to have a second music blog for a long time, dedicated to electronic, electroacoustic musics and experimental music (much of the content would be quite 'melodic' and accessible to the adventurous listener) but it would take a lot of work.
I have shared much in newsgroups (yes, many years ago) as well as in music forums yet that's not as rewarding.

Anyway...I will try to add more visual diversions around here when I have the time :)



Tzadik said...

Jajajaja doctor T, buena retort, me iba a atar en Sibelius inicialmente;)
Leif Segerstam .... uno de los grandes directores ..... cómo me gustaría que mantener lejos de componer sin embargo! -Yo Creo que en realidad son unos números equivocados, que ha escrito 9.001 sinfonías hasta la fecha, jeje


Tzadik said...

Hi Jaime, thanks for commenting and the equally kind words. Perhaps in the future I'll get
to another blog, but for now I can at least offer up the 'fun' once in a while!



Anonymous said...

Quite funny!

Tzadik said...