Saturday, November 5, 2016

It's on its way, folks----> The Smith Quartet plays Conlon Nancarrow (String Quartet No. 1) and Reich (Triple Quartet and Different Trains) live 2001

After posting George Crumb's Black Angels as performed live by the Smith Quartet, someone asked if I have the rest of the program - indeed I do, and for those of you wondering when the hell I plan to post again the answer is now....the upload is going to take 43 minutes though lol so this is simply a "heads up", not unlike hearing what's coming up in the next hour on your favorite (those that still exist anyhow!) radio show.. 

I hate to complain each time I post these days - but I hate the speeds even more so. I get so aggravated that I cannot help myself. Sorry everyone! Perhaps I should go with my modem for couples therapy..


Scraps said...

I feel for you!

(See? Another proof that I'm not a robot.)

Tzadik said...

Wowwwwwwwwwww Scraps you are here!! You are back!!! Or have you been back for a long while?? My head's been all over the place the last several months so please excuse me if received/answered a comment from you in the last month - I really don't think I have - but who am I to trust myself anyhow?

How are you? Things had been quite dismal when we last had a good few long comments back and forth, and that had to have been 8, 9 months ago?

Scraps said...

I've never been completely gone, and every once in a while I left a comment*, just to be sure I wasn't a robot.

I can't be sure you follow my boring recent lifestory, especially when your alarming lifestory consumes your time! Briefly: my spring and early summer was spent convalescing when I fell and broke my hip. I'm back now. I'm not especially better. Music is my balm, as ever.


*the last comment to , for instance