Saturday, November 26, 2016

Raven: Works by Mikis Theodorakis & Harald Genzmer Theodorakis, "Raven" for Mezzo-Soprano, Flute, Two Harps and String Orchestra - Adagio - Genzmer, Harp Concerto - Fantasia for Harp - Carolin Masur, Mezzo-Soprano - Kirsten Ecke, Harp - Mitteldeutsche Kammerphilharmonie, Stefanos Tsialis - Genuin 2004

Greetings to all. It has been quiet around here (yet again) due partly to my general emotional state concerning the sudden and unfathomable direction the country is now taking and the potential (imo imminent) deterioration of our democracy out here. Of course the other half s still my upload speeds.
As I am visiting my parents I have a real treasure for you now - and then something ultra-rare later tonight when I can get back online.

Mikis Theodorakis's "Raven" for Mezzo-Soprano, Flute, 2 Harps and Strings is one of the *most* strikingly beautiful works composed during the 20th century. Truly it is breathtaking. Carolin Masur is simply heavenly here, her voice both soars and meshes with the sublime orchestral writing to perfection. While I cannot imagine a better performance, I have wondered what the great Dawn Upshaw could or would do in this role.. 

I am also very fond of other composer featured here, Harald Genzmer. He is one of the most underrated composers and it's really tragic as he has composed a vast body of exceptional music - everything that I have heard confirms this (ermm for me). I think I once mentioned the rare and out-of-print survey of Genzmer's works on the Thorofon label - it is a 10 disc box set that I missed when it came out and I am still without it :(  On this Genuin release from 2004 he is represented by his sweet and spicey (he was a pupil of Hindemith) Harp Concerto as well as the three-movement "Fantasia for Harp".

Mikis Theodorakis is one of the most productive composers of the 20th century. His oeuvre spans more than 1,000 songs and over 100 major works, including symphonies, dramatic works, film scores, operas, oratorios, chamber music and sacred and choral works. Of his song output, in addition to his well-known  large song-cycles, he has also composed seven chanson fleuve (never-ending songs or "songstreams"). Among them is the gorgeous "Raven" from 1970, with a text by Yorgos Seferis based on Edgar Alan Poe's ballad "The Raven".

Theodorakis during the 1980s.

Since I'm with family I'm not going to spend the time writing about Harald Genzmer and his music on this splendid disc at this time, however please visit this old post for information about him:

Unfortunately I am told that the link to that album is dead (for those who missed it..). I promise you all that I shall update EVERY dead link on my blog whenever I can afford a "real" internet connection once again.

Harald Genzmer

Enjoy this sublime release!!

Part 1

Raven-Mikis_Theodorakis &_Harald_Genzmer(1)

Part 2  (Genzmer's Fantasia for Harp, last work on the disc)


**I have not had the time to look at any comments in a long time so thank you all in advance, I will read and respond to you when I can!


r. said...

Many many thanks!
you dont have the need to feedback Tz! many thanks for this upload

by the way radiomelasudas was killed... its a pitty

Glory and Honour to Thy dedicate so many years to teach us, sharing so much!

Johann said...

Wow. This is incredible music indeed! Raven is gorgeous, Tz, and I doubt I would ever have
heard it in this life without your generosity!

Thank you, so so much

Marcelo Lasta said...

Graaaaaaacias amigazoooooooo,uhhh,opus inéditos,bien tu estilo,un abrazo de Tapirman!!!!!!!

Mark said...

I share your feelings about the state of the world, but just like the last time fascism came to power the best responses were in music, so keep up the great work.

La Danse de Puck said...

Dearest Tadzik, maybe not the place..... But could you re-up the chamber music disc where the Genzmer work is included? Both links are dead.... Besides, there are pretty wonderful works by others there.

As ever, my beloved Theodorakis.... I have followed him since I was 20 or so, when I first heard him live here in Buenos Aires... Will never ever forget those performances. And his works at the time were mostly protest songs but it was very fine music. Maria Farantouri came with him to sing both times around. And to see him live on stage was a rare treat.... 1971/72, two years running!!

Tzadik said...

Hello "r" (being rather short with everyone, aren't you?)

Thank you for your comments! radiomelasudas is actually back - name is a bit different. Check my blog list!



Tzadik said...

Johann, I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed this! It's special indeed! Mission is accomplished (for me) when I open your eyes and ears to music that could have gone unheard :-)


Tzadik said...

Oh sí Doctor T ¡Sabía que te gustaría este! Definitivamente uno para las ondas de aire sí ??

Tu Tzadik

Tzadik said...

Hey Mark thank you for your comments. Music is the key, it's the truth. I have enough problems of my own, I can only wait at this point and see what unfolds - now, it can't be good when you consider all things - but panic and despair is not productive, that is for sure.

Be well,


Tzadik said...

La Danse de Puck, no worries this is actually the perfect place to make a request; I don't have an email listed on here (would get too many requests or trolling I fear) and I never added any kind of request section. Many requests would be difficult right now but I can swing one or two no problem.

I will happily re-up the other Genzmer disc for you. I will see about tomorrow, but cannot say for sure. Either way I will do so soon and will let you know :)


La Danse de Puck said...

You is a DARLING, Tadzik, if you can re-up that disc!!! Truly VERY MUCH appreciated!!!
Puckita [as I used to be called by friends on a Spanish-speaking forum... Way way back...

Tzadik said...

La Danse I will re-up it for you. How does now sound? :-)

Well as far as forums go, I go way way back too...which is good except that's it is telling that I'd rather be young again (I'm 40 which to me is very the blink of an eye I will be saying this about 50...arrg) I am told I can pass for late 20s haha, I like hearing that. My family does look younger I must say; don't know why....unfortanately I have only waded in the 'fountain of grief".....yep wrong fountain.

Stay tuned Puckita,

your Tzadik

La Danse de Puck said...

Take it from me.... You are still a "baby"..... Yup, I was also told at that age that I looked as if I were in late 20's... After 40, hate to confirm this, you fast-track HORRIBLY but you don't realize... and if you stay in the "right fountain".... It's GREAT!!! I'm not going to tell you how old I am because I believe it was Oscar Wilde who wrote in "A Woman of No Importance": LORD ILLINGWORTH: 'One should never trust a woman who tells one her real age. A woman who would tell one that, would tell one anything. !!!!!' ;-) Stay in the right fountain and you'll be fine! Love, Puckita!!!