Sunday, December 7, 2014

Emmanuel Chabrier - Piano Music - Marcelle Meyer, Piano (historic EMI recording)

Someone asked if I had any Chabrier piano music and the only disc I could find quickly is this historic recording with Marcelle Meyer, who was undoubtedly one of the greatest pianists of the
early 20th century. Friendly with Les Six, (in fact she was their muse) and other composers such as Stravinsky and Ravel, Meyer premiered a few works by Stravinsky and played Igor's piano works with none other than Ravel, for Stravinsky at his home. 

This is disc 1 from the 17 disc set of Meyer's complete piano recordings on EMI.

Track listing:

Trois Valses Romantiques Pour 2 Pianos  (not a bad second pianist, huh?)

1) Tres Vite Et Impetueux (Avec Francis Poulenc)
2) Mouvement Modere De Valse (Avec Francis Poulenc)
3) Anime (Avec Francis Poulenc)

10 Pieces Pittoresques

4) Paysage
5) Melancolie
6) Tourbillon
7) Sous-Bois
8) Mauresque
9) Idylle
10)Danse Villageoise
12)Menuet Pompeux


16)Feuillet D'album
19)Ronde Champetre
21)Air De Ballet



Anonymous said...

It would be a great idea to post all 17 CDS. Thanks a lot!

Emmanuel said...

Thanks a lot! It's marvelous!

Mil gracias desde México

Tzadik said...

Hi, well to be honest I like the whole box set, but I don't listen to it regularly enough for it to be worth it to me to import the other 16 discs. I welcome all kinds of requests, but large sets won't be posted unless I either have them on a hdd already, or if it's something I really want to share. Regards

Tzadik said...

Hola Emmanuel you are welcome, happy I could help you out with this :) Tz