Saturday, December 6, 2014

Henryk Górecki - Symphony No.3 - Three Pieces in the Old Style - Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, Antoni Wit - Zofia Kilanowicz, Soprano - Naxos 1994

As everyone and even their pet lemur already have *at least* one recording I'm sure of Gorecki's masterpiece the Symphony No. 3 ('Symphony of Sorrowful Songs') (1976), it needs absolutely no introduction. In fact I'm mainly posting this because I'm adding this to my iTunes library anyway, after ripping it years ago I put it only on an external hdd, always listening to the physical copy. The mp3s I'm uploading are from my amazon account, I also bought a copy there when my orig disc went missing for about a year. I mentioned this already but this recording is practically tied with the Dawn Upshaw disc on Nonesuch for me. Plus "Three Pieces in the Old Style"/"Three Olden Style Pieces" is also very well played. A must have disc, even if only one or two visitors benefit from it at this point!

The mp3 tags display different cover art (from amazon) then the disc I have, which is the above. The disc received it seems an album art "refresh" some years ago, Naxos has been doing this I've noticed
on quite a few releases. 

Enjoy (someone, someplace ;)



Guillermo Saar said...

Always loved this particular performance as well, and MY cd has gone AWOL for too long too! Thanks. I can bring it back into the fold now.


Tzadik said...

Hi there Guillermo, thank you for commenting and stopping by. This disc might actually be my favorite, now that I think of it I have played it much more frequently than the Nonesuch disc, as exceptional as it is. Happy I can bring the music back in your library!

Gvozden Buzdovanovic said...

Superb piece of music...thank you T-man

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, sir. I was somehow always missing the "Three Pieces in the Old Style" part so I am glad to have visited your blog. Thank you a ton for sharing these great music compositions! /Jan