Sunday, May 17, 2015

Jan Van der Roost - From Ancient Times - Sinfonia Hungarica - Philharmonic Winds OSAKAN, Jan Van der Roost - Naxos 2014

Here is another "unopened/unheard" offering from the "piles". I will confess...I did hear a 10 second excerpt of "From Ancient Times" sometime ago, so this music is really only 99.9% unheard. What I remember thinking was, the sound of majestic winds, although but a sliver of hinting sound-could very well be a work by my late friend Arnold Rosner. Or at least it's music that Arnold would love to listen to, if he had had the chance..   I am currently 5 minutes into the work (great stuff imo) and there are several possible influences to my ears. Rosner had a deep love for (and an unrivaled knowledge of) Renaissance modal polyphony, and Van der Roost's work, the notes say, pays tribute to the Franco-Flemish school of the 15th and 16th centuries. This composer, entirely new to me-is clearly inspired too by that most magnificent age. Let's get on with it together, shall we? :)


Anonymous said...

Fascinant cd magyar,supeeeeeeeeer thanks,abrazo de tu amigo,Tapirman,otro descubrimiento ,una Sinfonía inédita,muchas gracias Tzadik,you are a Heroe of Sinfonias super extrañas!!!!!!! Dr.Tapirman

Tzadik said...

El doctor T, gran saber de usted como siempre, siempre tengo ganas de que :) Este es un hallazgo interesante, nunca había oído hablar del compositor antes pero feliz Tomé un riesgo con $$ y lo compré. Disfruto de grandes obras para instrumentos de viento, especialmente las sinfonías que son algo raro. -No Utiliza gmail?

Su compañero en el Yankee Stateside,