Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Baltimore Consort: Watkins Ale - Music of the English Renaissance - Dorian Recordings, 1991

..The Fairy Queen and her maides daunced about the garden, singing a Song of six parts, with the musick of an exquisite consort;  wherein was the lute, bandora, base-violl, citterne, treble-viol and flute.  -from The Honourable Entertainment at Elvetham, anon. 1591

This is another of my favorite albums by The Baltimore Consort, an ensemble that I am so very fond of. Needless to say I rarely have time to post anything these days, thus filling requests is much more difficult without time. Someone asked for more Baltimore Consort recordings a while back and I'm more than happy to oblige; I will, in time, be posting everything they have released anyhow. 

I will add information and thoughts about this lovely release, Watkins Ale, as soon as I can find some real time to do so.

The actual painting "A Fete at Bermondsey" from the detail used as the cover art, by Joris Hoefnagel. 

Enjoy everyone.


quelopario said...

Fabulous, fabulous music...brilliantly played and executed...for all times. Thank You!!

Tzadik said...

Hello quelopario, so happy you like it! Thank you also for commenting. TZ

Anonymous said...

Watkins Ale! Brings to mind Metaphysical Tobacco! This is a long-shot, but, is there any chance you [or your readers] might have a 1973 London Records various artists release called "Freaking Out At Court"? It includes a piece titled "Mother Watkins Ale" & three pieces praising the glories of 'tobacco', one being titled "Metaphysical Tobacco". See:
Many thanks, I look forward to listening to Watkins Ale.


Karsten said...

Baltimore Consort - more, please!

Tzadik said...

Hey Brian, thank you for commenting! I cannot say that I know of the album you speak of; sounds pretty damn interesting however :) "Metaphysical Tobacco" that's a great name for a song! Love it. I will look into this, and see what I can find out.


Tzadik said...

Hi there Karsten. I have every B.C. release, and I will be posting them all in time :) Stay tuned, I will try to add another mid week. TZ