Saturday, June 20, 2015

It just figures.

So I am for the 3rd time trying to upload the same file. The first two attempts would have taken 40 minutes (!) each for a file just shy of 200mb. So, my third go at it is almost finished, at "only" 20 minutes. Meanwhile I actually have time to post today :/  Hopefully zshare will free up a bit, something's not right. I hope you enjoyed my rather useless complaining!


Jaime said...

It seems above that you got it to work :) Thx in advance

Tzadik said...

Hi, you are welcome Jaime. Finally...but it took forever. Don't know if I can go on posting tonight with such dismal upstream issues. zippy has had sluggishness issue lately, for me anyhow.


ifffam said...

Hi Tzadik, just wondering whether this CD is about toy piano music. Thx!

Tzadik said...

Hello ifffam, nice to hear from you, welcome to the blog. -That was a good question, the photo can easily evoke thoughts about composers such as Cage, Crumb, Kagel and so on.. Additionally the toy piano has been used effectively in much electronic and experimental music. Anyhow, no, this was not for such a post but rather the image I used to express my frustration at not being able to share a post-but being ever so close to it (like the ghostly fingers trying to play the keys only to find they're not attainable).
Plus, I just really like the photo :)