Monday, June 22, 2015

Sean Hickey - Concerto for Cello and Orchestra - Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra - St. Petersburg State Symphony, Vladimir Lande - Dmitry Kouzov, Cello - Alexander Fiterstein, Clarinet - Delos 2013

I have gone back to my unopened/unheard cd piles to share this recording of concertos by Sean Hickey. I am hearing the opening movement of the Cello Concerto for the first time as I type; so far
so good, if not entirely original to these ears (this is just a first listen though, so initial impressions at only 4'00 into the work usually ends up meaning little). I read a few Gramophone reviews that praised this disc so of course I bought it. Interestingly this recording is on Delos yet Hickey is apparently the Vice President of Sales & Business Development at Naxos of American (nice job!!).
I am mostly unfamiliar with his output, many of you will likely know much more than I do about the composer at hand. So, once again let's give a listen together..

Here's an excerpt from a Gramophone review (too lazy to find my physical copy!):

“Sean Hickey’s two big three-movement concertos give their soloists a huge range of extended passages, riffs and cadenzas with which to stand up and out against often explosively colourful orchestral support (with frequent solo opportunities for the woodwinds and brass) … Dmitry Kouzov… dramatically showcases his virtuosic skills. … The Clarinet Concerto… features brilliant young clarinettist Alexander Fiterstein in music … inteded by Hickey as ‘a restless, yet haunting recollection of life in the US heartland’. The stunning audiophile recording, produced by Alexei Barashkin, was made at St Petersburg’s Melodiya Studios.” — Laurence Vittes, Gramophone

Enjoy all


Anonymous said...

Graaaaacias por este cd Delos y Guridi(del cual tengo su Sinfonia pirenaica en mismo sello),eres un campeón de lo inédito y suspicaz cazador genial de Musas cósmicas,Tzadik,gran abrazo tapiresco!! Dr.M.Lasta

Tzadik said...

Doctor T mi buen amigo, como siempre es bueno escuchar de usted y de leer sus comentarios maravillosos :) me gustan los conciertos Hickey, finalmente escuché un par de veces. Tengo un par de discos Guridi (Naxos) y uno en Claves, pero yo realmente no tengo el disco "Sinfonía Pirenaica". Me encantaría conocer a la Sinfonia, quizás otro blogger compartida, si no tengo que esperar hasta que tengo unos $$. Sé bien que mi hombre principal!