Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bernardo Storace - Harpsichord Music (From the collection 'Selva di varie composition') - Naoko Akutagawa, Harpsichord - Naxos 2010

Very little is known about the composer Bernardo Storace, however he penned some of the finest keyboard music of his time. The charming music of the opening "Ciaccona" (Chaconne) will likely be familiar to most early music enthusiasts.





Jaime said...

Thank you!

Tzadik said...

Hi Jaime, you are welcome! I haven't been posting much 'early' music on here although
it is a great love of mine, and I have just as much. Visitors here generally seem to want 20th/21st century composers. Harpsichord music is too good to pass up I think, from any era :)


WMS Nemo said...

OK, you also offer older music, if the composer's name is obscure.

Thank you for this contribution!