Thursday, November 12, 2015

Eric Zeisl - Piano Concerto in C major - "Pierrot in der Flasche", Suite from the Ballet - Gottlieb Wallisch, Piano - Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien, Johannes Wildner - CPO 2007

Absolutely one of my top discs of 2007, this is a complete treasure from start to finish. It's further validation that Eric Zeisl was one of the finest and most interesting of composers of the 20th century. Do not be surprised if his glorious Piano Concerto in C major become an instant favorite; it pulls the listener in with it's aural magic from the first note. "Pierrot in der Flasche" is a Suite taken from Zeisl's ballet  of the same name (Pierrot in the Flask) and is also a true delight from start to finish. It's an extremely exciting, fun and colorful score, with influences and inspiration seemingly coming from everywhere; stylistically it's a musical cornucopia that manages to jump and shift from one idea to another, yet cohesively so. Every moment of this disc holds my complete interest, and this release is one to keep nearby imo as opposed to cataloging it deep within one's library. 

Information will be added (although you are really all set as I'm including the booklet notes) when I have the time, as I have been mentioning in prior offerings..

Enjoy this gem!!


Johannes R. Becher said...

This cd is indeed most valuable. Rather regrettably I came to know it when it was already out of stock. Last time I looked for it I found one Amazon reseller which asked around 100€ for it. For the time being I don't see many chances cpo will ever reprint it.

I'm so sad I cannot keep up with your uploadings. The two previously posted Zeisl cds are certainly gems, although I still haven't had the chance to fully explore them, only to devote then a rather superficial listening while busy with something else. I had been after them for a long time so I'm most grateful.


Scraps said...

I've been admiring your Zeisl offerings, so this one gets moved to the top of the listening "pile" (of course my pile is a internet pile, but for some reason when I picture it it's still precarious, always on the verge of teetering over).

Um. Anyway, I almost never heard of him, and I thank you very much!



cjvinthechair said...

Hello, Mr. T - on the road at present, or rather 'on the rails' as my car's 'died' !
Trying the 2nd Zorn disc while I write...I'm fairly adventurous & enjoy my organ (no jokes now !), but can't get excited about this composer !
Now the rareties on the VW disc, & the PC here, ah, that's a different matter !Lovely, thanks.

Ajnfah said...

Thsnk you for the Zeisl adorable offerings!

Tzadik said...

Greeting Johannes

It's nice to hear that you are enjoying the CPO (and the others too once you have time I'm sure) and at least you now have the files-I always prefer having the physical copy-and that has been my downfall, especially financially! That's quite a fistful of cash, Amazon can be hit-or-miss, be it private sellers or the regular store. I recently saw a disc with an asking price of $1,100 USD, it was an obscure compilation w. Canadian composers - perhaps 10 dollars or so would motivate me!

Who knows, perhaps Naxos will re-release the Zeisl from their CPO label. I think Amazon in the States has it for a fair price (private sellers), it might be worth it even with shipping.


Tzadik said...

Scraps, happy to hear that Zeisl is mainly new to you, it's a wonderful discovery :) Haha, indeed my virtual "piles" are the same, and I have too many external hddrives that are full to capacity! Most of these "stacks" teeter perpetually, neglected and unnoticed-at least w. actual discs if they topple and bruise my twisted, music obsessed body-I will be forced to sweep up and have my memory refreshed as to what it is that I own! Too much music. But never too too much.


Tzadik said...

Hola Xavier J, son muy bienvenidos! Mantenga a disfrutar de sus visitas a mi amigo :)


Tzadik said...

Cjv, sorry to hear about the car! By now I'm sure you have had it repaired. If you bother to read this..what was wrong with it? (and I have this feeling that you have a "British racing green" Jaguar of a fine vintage-don't ask why ha, but I'd love to be correct)

Sorry for the organ assault :-O Zorn's not for everyone, that is for sure. Although he has done zoo many projects that there's always something for everyone...eventually (if you go through his ten thousand recordings)

At least the VW does the job!


Tzadik said...

Ajnfah, you are welcome, thanks for commenting. Zeisl is many things, and I suppose adorable is one of them :)