Monday, November 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Paul Hindemith!! - Hindemith - Violin Sonatas - Eliot Lawson, Violin - Jil Lawson, Piano - Brilliant Classics 2014

This is a great day for all lovers of Paul Hindemith, brilliant music, and therefore the entire world; even if the entire world isn't aware of this quite yet. Paul Hindemith was born today, November 16th in the year 1895 (and have we not been better off ever since??). Here we have Hindemith's Violin Sonatas, played superbly imo by the Lawsons on this recent-ish Brilliant Classics release. 

A young Paul Hindemith, aged 15 years.

Time I have not, however you visit here for the music, not the poster anyhow. The truth  ;)

Enjoy everyone!!


Fourcade said...

Wow, thanks! I love PH, anything he composed (wonderful
Kammermusik, for example), but as most people I like best
the compositions for the instrument he excelled, i.e. the
viola. Before hearing these sonatas, I never thought the
viola could be an interesting-sounding string. PH's sonatas
turned this opinion on its head! Thus I appreciate a lot
your post...
Cheers Daniel, from Spain...

Scraps said...

It's kind of... weird, coming up on this year; everything is. Two days from now -- November 18th -- Velma Bowen, my beloved, had her birthday. She should have had her 52nd this year, but cancer claimed her, a year and a month ago. I'm going to catch up with her very soon; I'll be 52 in April.

(There's a good pic of Scraps and Velma:)

October is a very bad month for me: In my 44th year in October, I suffered an awful stroke; in my 50th year in October, Velma died. (I know I should not talk about this stuff over here; it's rude, to say the least. In my defense.... well, I can't come up with a defense. I'm going to blow up if I don't.)

So, um, yeah. Do you know that I really love this bloggeroonie here? It's true! Thank you!


Tzadik said...

Hi there Daniel, thank you for commenting, and you are welcome of course! Yes Hindemith is a real treasure; he had one foot in 'academia' (although any composer who incorporates Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" into a concerto as a surprise for his wife on their anniversary-can't be considered a stiff!!) with his extraordinary technical knowledge and abilities, indeed an extremely 'serious' composer in many ways..but the other side of Hindemith, while fueled by the same endless studies and mastery of contrapuntal writing and the mathematical possibilities and structures as sound- is the powerful, utterly beautiful and muscular music that hits like a bulldozer. The emotional impact on me, whether it's his Kammermusik series you mentioned, large orchestra, smaller chamber music and the huge.

Keep enjoying :)


Tzadik said...

Scraps my friend,

Please do not apologize for sharing your thoughts-there's *nothing* rude about it!! My wish for this blog since creating it has always been that visitors would not only (hopefully) discover new music, thus enriching their lives and feed "the passion", but more importantly to me-feel compelled to discuss the music, or anything else that is on their minds. I wish this blog could be more of a "forum" in this sense; I get a nice handful of comments by thoughtful and kind visitors like yourself, however I wish many more people would do the same to make this a "community". I'm short on time usually but connecting w other humans especially when we share the same love-is extremely meaning to me and I'd rather chat w. visitors than even post!

ANYway....I am nothing short of honored that you have chosen to open up and share your pain with me. Please understand this. Thank you for the url-you two made a beautiful couple, and the honestness and extreme love - simply by seeing a handful of your photos - is tangible to me. Velma looks like the kind of person who would not have a judgmental bone in her entire body-I bet I would have felt 100% comfortable around her from the start had met her somehow (my anxiety is oft intense and my sensitivity to "personality types" is strong, thus I either feel at ease or know instantly that the person I am in close proximity to is from another galaxy than I, even if a single word has not been exchanged.... if that makes sense..) I do hope you continue to keep your head up, especially with her Birthday being tomorrow. Time does not completely heal but does offer a kind of numbing distance, allowing one to cherish the great memories ultimately. We cannot explain or fathom the oft senseless ebb and flow of life, especially when it's cruel w/o reason. -Pierce the anguish and darkness with music, passion, diversions-that's what I do and I'm sure it's extremely therapeutic for you as well. I have constant pain (not physical) myself-and I'd be happy to chat with you via email if you would ever like to.

By the way, you are a young looking dude :) You could be late 30's or 40's (I am now 41).

Your friend,


Scraps said...

I'm grateful.

(That picture was taken [not much] before my stroke. Still, Velma and I were always taken for younger than we were. I've put on years since my stroke, though; maybe because I've felt those years coming down and smashing me.)

(But I'm trying to be better.)

You are a good person.

Tzadik said...

Hi Mr. Scraps

I hope the 18th didn't 'beat you up' too much; for me it's February that's hard, but you have a couple of months worth of emotions to reckon with. I'm very sorry to hear about the stroke..I feel as if you might have mentioned something in the past related-about word retrieval or language in general, or am I absolutely wrong? I discussed this with someone, and I thought it was on my blog a ways back..

My father had a stroke a few months ago and he has recovered mostly, thank goodness, I would have had a nice little breakdown if there had been any permanent neurological issues. He's back to being the eccentric dad I grew up with, which is a good thing. I have a few friends who do have permanent brain damage (oddly two of them are a couple-the guy had a brain tumor and then the girl found out she had the same 1 year later..this is getting too depressing huh, sorry) and it's hard to just think about it.

Hoping you are doing as well as you can,


Scraps said...

And I wonked Velma's birthday: I should have said her =53rd= birthday! She would have a pretend-wither at me; she always said she was older than me and don't you (me) forget it. (I forgot it! apparently.)

Yes, we talked about my aphasia. (Hey, I remembered!) (Joke.) (Very small.)