Monday, November 16, 2015

Paul Hindemith - Nobilissima Visione, the Complete Ballet - Five Pieces for String Orchestra - Seattle Symphony, Gerard Schwarz - Naxos 2014

Hindemith’s ballet about St. Francis of Assisi, "Nobilissima Visione" is better known as the orchestral suite taken from the ballet, which has three movements or five sections. Here the ballet is presented in it's entirety, eleven sections of beauty, power and lyricism composed during the early stages of Hindemith's "mature" style. The brilliant "Mathis der Maler" had been introduced to the world only two years earlier. The inclusion of the "Five Pieces for String Orchestra" is a welcome bonus, as it's an early delicious work, unmistakably Hindemith.

Naxos is actually incorrect about this disc being the "first complete recording" of the ballet, however the earlier recordings, and I believe there's at least two-are both out of print. 

                     Hindemith conducting in (I believe) 1960

While I'd rather be visiting Hindemith's childhood home in Hanau, with an ipod dedicated to his music, regrettably I have to get to work instead. It is your duty, fellow explorers, to enjoy as much Hindemith on his birthday as is possible! Do take water/food/bathroom breaks when needed!

A pea-sized Hindemith grew up here



Marcelo Lasta said...

Maravilloso cd,graaaaaaacias Tzadik!!!!!!!!!!!! Hombre Tapir

Ajnfah said...

Marvellous tzadik you are the best!

Tzadik said...

Sé doctor T ama a su Hindemith .... y se prescribe a sus pacientes peludos como una cura definitiva apuesto? ;-) Quería publicar muchos discos Hindemith pero como siempre hay tiempo para hacerlo

Talk soon, maestro M


Tzadik said...

Ajnfah thank you for your words, very kind indeed :)



Scraps said...

When I moved back to Seattle after more than twenty-five years, I was so excited about seeing Gerard Schwarz. I didn't know he and the symphony had a long-running feud, and about then the symphony won. Sigh....

Audentity said...

Thank you!