Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Alan Hovhaness - Magnificat Op. 157 for Chorus & Orchestra and Other Choral Works - Eric Plutz, Organ - The Choirs & Orchestra of St. John's Cathedral Denver, Donald Pearson - Delos Records 1995

Here is a glorious recording of Alan Hovhaness's choral masterpiece, a setting of the Magnificat. This is a treasure, as only Hovhaness could create and set. In superb digital sound I might add. 

I will be late for work if I try to write anything at this time, so please check out my earlier post that includes a classic account of the Magnificat, with other works, on First Edition:

I will try to post another version of AH's Magnificat (coupled with "Saturn") on Crystal Records tonight if I can.



La Danse de Puck said...

Please do try! I have discovered Hovhaness and Lou Harris thanks to you. So I can't thank you enough for your uploads!!!

cjvinthechair said...

Mr. T - please see comment beneath 'Over The Water' !

Paul Terry said...

Nice one! Another Hovhaness. To be honest I'm not very big on religious music... having said that if the music gives me chills (Part, Tavener and here Hovhaness are all very capable of doing just that) then it's moot point and I'll listen to it. Thanks for a great treat for the 3 day weekend, my friend!
Hope you have yourself a relaxing weekend.

Tzadik said...

Hello La Dance de Puck

Thank you for your comments :) It makes me very happy to know that my blog has been your introduction to such great composers like Hovhaness and Lou Harrison. I just added more AH, but the disc I mentioned I still cannot find were on earth I put it!


Tzadik said...

Hey there Cjv

It's ok, I do not wish this to be a problem or inconvenience for you. Do not worry about it!


Tzadik said...

Hello there Paul. I do hope you find the AH chill inducing! There have been countless settings of the Magnificat over the centuries, indeed it would be a tremendous task to try to count. I for one have never listened to this piece with religiousness in mind; I have only focused on the sounds - I know the text but it just does not factor in when I get lost in it (or Bach's or anyone else's!).



Paul Terry said...

That's the way to approach it. Thanks again and yes, it did provide the chills! ;-)
Thanks again, my friend!

Tzadik said...

Paul, I'm happy to learn of your chills-inducing listening experience - I have to admit I was concerned that after listening I'd find out that you became a 'born again' Christian or possibly a preacher ;P Instead you heard but the music - and the voices simply as an instrument - as I do. Hovhaness's music is deeply spiritual, and I find that it does move me tremendously, in what I think I can safely call a spiritual sense. AH is possibly the closest I will ever get to considering that there could be greater forces at work!