Friday, July 15, 2016

Frank Martin, Mass for Two Choirs - Zoltan Kodály, Missa Brevis for Mixed Choir & Organ - Francis Poulenc, Litanies à la Vierge for Three-part Female Chorus & Organ - Choir of the Bavarian Broadcast/Rundfunks, Peter Dijkstra - BR Klassik 2009

This is a real treat from BR Klassik, and these are three important examples of 20th century music for voices that should be in your choral collection. And perhaps they are already. I have multiple versions of all three works here and these performances are very fine and highly competitive. I have too many versions of Kodály's masterful "Missa Brevis" to count - it's just so damn beautiful!

Sorry for keeping things brief (I know you all prefer my typographical babble to all of the exquisite sound) but exhaustion is one of the few constants these days. I will see what tomorrow brings, more posts perhaps - but do not hold your breath as there's a 50/50 that you'd be dead ;)

Enjoy x 3



cjvinthechair said...

Well, Mr. T., perhaps I'd better not tell you when you post something new to me; can't go encouraging any sense of triumph across the pond, & you'll run out of stereotypical 'old-fashioned' English expressions - there ARE many, many things I don't have(& even more I don't make any attempt to 'collect', as I'm too stupid to appreciate them).
Really lovely works in your last 3 posts (Howells, Langgaard & this current one).
Howells, Bax, Bantock, Parry, Sullivan & many others from around that time were the composers who set me off on this journey of discovery 7/8/9 years ago.
Langgaard's 'Music of the Spheres' is in my all-time Top 10.
Poulenc's Mass & choral music by The Westminster Cathedral Choir under Britain's best ever choirmaster, James O'Donnell is still after 20+ years my favourite choral album.

Tzadik said...

Cjv it's ok, I haven't used "Tally-ho!" yet. Had Prokofiev written "Peter and the Fox" I'm sure I wouldn't have it still at my disposal. All I want is to be quaint, governor!

I am happy that I did post stuff that you can actually download, in the case of Langgaard I would have posted all of his symphonies and orchestral music on Dacapo if I had the time. Music of the Spheres is an incredible work, I was speechless (quite a feat..) after my introduction to this major work.

How I love Howells, Bax, and Bantock. Bantock is especially intoxicating for me, and every Hyperion disc dedicated to his art is priceless imo. Have you ever heard any of Bantock's chamber music? I have Dutton Epoch discs that I love..I should post them actually, almost everything else (Hyperion, Chandos etc..) has already been shared on blogs in the past I believe. I haven't had the urge to listen to Parry in a long time although I used to really enjoy the Chandos recordings, as well as choral discs of Parry on various labels.
-You mentioned Arthur Sullivan and now it's the Cello Concerto I feel like hearing!

Agree 100% about the Poulenc. I'm not even sure that I currently own it, but I know it well as my father has it and we used to play it often while driving. And actually my mother used to make me keep Parry's 'Jerusalem' as well as 'I was Glad' on repeat (an Argo disc, very good indeed).