Saturday, July 23, 2016

Modern Masters III - Dello Joio: Meditations on Ecclesiastes - Hovhaness: Psalm & Fugue for String Orchestra - Rosner: Responses, Hosanna and Fugue ***Repost - Encoded @ 320 and Apple Lossless***

Greetings and good weekend to all. I haven't posted anything for about a week, and the last time I was on here there was a comment asking if I would repost the Arnold Rosner discs. Ironically, this recording (yes, I have already mentioned that it's one of my top five of all time) unlike some of the others is still available as an active download. That makes me happy as all of my downloads (zshare) expire after 30 days if there is no activity. Clearly visitors continue to feel a sense of intrigue. For me it is personally rewarding, a "mission accomplished" if you will as I feel that this gem is the perfect introduction to the compositional grandeur of the late American master Arnold Rosner. This is music that needs to be heard. Regular visitors around here will already know that Arnold was a dear friend of mine. Indeed it was this recording - a potent 'gateway drug' for my ears, mind, and spirit if you will - that blew me away, and after just a few hearings of "Responses, Hosanna, and Fugue" (my introduction Rosner) I was downright compelled to try to contact the composer. In short, it was a life changer. 

The original post - babble and all, can be found here along with the original download encoded @ 256 kbps AAC:

The links provided at the bottom are for higher quality 320 AAC or highest quality Apple lossless files (also AAC).

Photo of Rosner from the booklet - one of my favorite shots of Arnold. A real sense of intensity & sincerity.

*I will re-up all of the other Rosner discs as well. At this time (which is 99% of the time) the bulk of the recordings are nestled in my car. And it's been 97 degrees all day - yep I am as lazy as the cheshire cat. (ermm I happen to keep my regrettable flab and grin constant however) 

If you are "new" to my blog I hope you find your listening experience to be powerful, moving, and drenched in overwhelming beauty. 

Encoded in 320 kbps:

Encoded as Apple Lossless: 

*For this (entire) recording I highly recommend the lossless files!!

Part 1


Part 2


Enjoy (anew or for the first time!)


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lossless. Looking forward to the Rosner re-ups!