Friday, July 15, 2016

Herbert Howells - "Sir Patrick Spens" & Hymnus paradisi - Claire Rutter, Soprano - James Gilchrist, Tenor - Roderick Williams, Baritone - The Bach Choir Bournemouth S.O., David Hill - Naxos 2007

Greetings everyone. Things are, at this time, still quite busy so I am posting a few things quickly to (hopefully) sweeten your weekend and break the 5 days of silence around here. Again I am going through boxes of discs I have at my parent's house, and the trio of recordings I plan to add now I have been listening to whilst sifting through mountains of music. I don't have the time to write about the music :(    Those of you who admire Howells (and how could one not??) will find much enjoyment here; this is a great recording of the magnificent "Hymnus paradisi" as well as "Sir Patrick Spens" in it's world premiere. I will say that I am surprised that this is the 1st time I am posting Howells! He is best remembered for his music for voices, however his orchestral works too are superb - I likely won't be posting them however as I believe several other bloggers have already shared the best of those discs in the past.

Enjoy all


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