Saturday, January 7, 2017

Toru Takemitsu - "Between Tides & Other Chamber Music" - Fujita Piano Trio - ASV 2001

I have been listening to (or I could say that it's been a necessary ingredient for living lately) a lot of Takemitsu, so, here are a couple of Takemitsu uploads for everyone to enjoy and bathe in. This disc opens with some rather early pieces and moves right on to works penned towards the end of his life.

No time for babble today, I present you with the music alone ;)



r. said...

Many thanks Tz!

Have a Happy and ProsperBlessed New Year
so be prepared! this, like the other ones
have 360 opportunities thats makes it unique!

Be strong and at the same time, softly

thanks for this toru´s works :D

Pia said...

Hi there Tzadik. I hope everything is okay for you - I see that you have not posted here for around 5 weeks..

Thank you for all your wonderful and hard work, I hope it will continue!

Best wishes

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GuillermoBlogeado said...

hi there

dead link, could you please reupload?

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