Friday, October 30, 2015

Carl Rütti: Organ Works - Jacob's Ladder - Annunciation - Tabor - Tongues of Fire - Vita - Carl Rütti, Organ of Hofkirche St. Leodegar, Lucerne, Switzerland - Guild Records 2009

I have been listening to a lot of organ music lately (contemporary works but more so a seemingly endless amount of Bach..and those Leipzig Chorale Preludes..I can't not listen to them lately, it's
my very late night soundtrack!) Add quite a bit of Widor and Durufle's masterworks and you have
my 'concert for one' in a nutshell. I am extremely fond of everything that Carl Rütti composes, and his organ music is some of the finest in the modern repertoire. I am excited as I just found out that Guild has recently released the world premiere recording of Rütti's First Symphony (whether or not it's with organ I do not know) as well as a work for string orchestra-I want to get my mitts on this
recording like I cannot tell you - ok, sure I'd love to tell you, but my high excitement and equally high amount of disappointment of being currently poor are both too great for words. Or it was just a figure of speech form the start. If you cannot understand what on earth I'm saying, it's not you, it's because I have been awake since Thursday morning :-O

*I will provide information on these works when I can, however that's likely not going to happen until Sunday evening.

A few photos of the glorious Hofkirche Organ:

Enjoy the magnificence of these 5,949 historic pipes! 



cjvinthechair said...

Great fan of Rutti Requiem, so will happily try this...might play it to my younger brother Moses !

Tzadik said...

Hahaha that was a nice retort ;) Yep the Requiem is very fine, as is everything that I have encountered by Rütti. -I hope you d/l'ed the "Tongues of Fire" disc I posted months back with the Rütti concerto?