Monday, October 26, 2015

Music of Armenia - Edvard Mirzoyan, Sonata for Cello and Piano - Vache Sharafyan, Between a Dream and Awakening for Saxophone and Cello - On Wings of Hymns - Blue Griffin Recordings 2013

Here is a very nice disc of chamber music from two Armenian composers. Edvard Mirzoyan is the name that will likely be (somewhat) familiar to visitors who know 20th-21st century Armenian composers. Well that's it, I will be resting my arm/shoulder as much as possible, so for now I shall let the music do the 'talking'..

Enjoy everyone



cjvinthechair said...

What - more chamber music....I don't know, thought you looked after your followers !
Still, love, once again, the Eastern influences in Armenian music - put on Sharafyan's Violin & duduk concerto while writing - so will give these a try; sax & cello sounds a good combo !
Any improvement shoulder-wise ? Sounds like we're both 'in the wars'; picked up a 'vertigo' problem from somewhere requiring an MRI scan. Old age in my case - what's your excuse ?

Vartan said...

Thank you!

Tzadik said...

Cjv, yes sir more salt in the wound for you! Funny, I was yesterday listening to Sharafyan's concerto myself, it was a video (possibly youtube, I didn't notice as it was embedded on some other site) and although I was enjoying it I stopped it half way as I had to leave. Sax and Cello is a nice combo I think-although I'm not aware of any, I'd be surprised if Hindemith didn't try this duo in a work!

Actually I don't know how or why but my shoulder is feeling better, a good 30% or so, thank you for asking.
Vertigo - one should only ever be referring to the great Hitchcock. I'm sorry to learn of this my friend :(
Obviously you have had inner-ear problems ruled out then. I know that can be common cause. My excuse is...I ain't no spring chicken! I am in my fourth decade after all. It's all atrophy from here on..


Tzadik said...

Hello, you are welcome! I have to admit the first thing that came to mind was (Saint) Vartan :) I am guessing this collection might have an element of Nt'l pride for you!



Anonymous said...

Could you please re-up? Many thanks!