Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Petr Eben - Chamber Music for Oboe - Miniatures - Sonata for Oboe and Piano - Duettini - Appello - Amoroso - Ordo modalis - Music for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano - Wind Quintet - Toccata Classics 2013

I have just opened and imported this disc, which I am forecasting to be a real gem from "the piles".
The Czech composer Petr Eben is best known for his great organ music, and that indeed is what I am the most familiar with; the discs on Hyperion are outstanding, as are the Supraphon recordings, which also include songs and choral music. There are a few hard-to-get discs out there with Eben's orchestral music (a compilation featuring his Piano Concerto, another with the Organ Concerto No. 2, and I recently found out there has been a re-release of the massive Organ Concerto No.1 subtitled "Symphonia Gregoriana", a concerto that lasts almost 1 hour) and I cannot wait to get my hands and ears on these recordings at some point. At this time I don't have any of his Orchestral works, somehow I just missed buying them when they came out.

I'm quite excited to hear his chamber works; I have only heard his Piano Trio in the past which I am quite fond of. I've included the booklet notes which appear to be very informative, I have not read them yet. There's even an interview with the composer, a nice touch.

Let us enjoy!




cjvinthechair said...

Like Eben's choral work...again, afraid don't really listen to solo organ, though I love concerti.
Shan't be taking this chamber music journey, but have found the wind quintet, on You Tube, which I'm trying now. It's...harmless enough !
Sorry, my ear/knowledge just isn't up to appreciating solo/small ensemble work. Will hope you find some more 'big' pieces soon which an idiot like me can cope with !

Tzadik said...

Well Cjv, I have pledged not to (musically) harass you anymore-HOWEVER....any chance that you at least downloaded this disc? It's quite cheerful and good fun...couldn't hurt to skim through it, perhaps it's of an agreeable vintage this time around ;-)

Just sayin'..............


Anonymous said...


Tzadik said...

Well yes, Eben..


Sachiko said...

thank you I do, because the eben is cool! with kindness!