Saturday, October 24, 2015

Ralph Vaughan Williams - Peter Schickele - Richard Straus - Oboe Concertos - Pamela Pecha, Oboe - The Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra - Carlton Classics 1997

Hello everyone. Sorry that it's been slow (slower than usual that is) around here but I am and have been stuck home with a debilitating torn rotator cuff which makes it hard to use my shoulder, arm, neck and in particular to write; I'm trying to do a bit, but I will not be adding details about the recordings (until this heals) because the pain is too intense. (And no...I'm not some 'great athlete', rather my body is rebelling ;)  

Hola a todos. Lo sentimos que ha sido lento (más lento de lo habitual que es) por aquí, pero estoy y se han pegado a casa con un manguito de los rotadores desgarrado debilitante que hace que sea difícil de usar mi brazo, el cuello y en particular para escribir; Estoy tratando de hacer un poco, pero no voy a añadir detalles sobre las grabaciones (hasta el cura) porque el dolor es demasiado intenso.
(Y no ... no soy un 'gran atleta ", en lugar de mi cuerpo se rebela;)

Quickly I will say that I wanted to keep posting Peter Schickele, thus this rare recording. The concerto will be a nice discovery for anyone who does not know it. With the current pain I can't dig around for more Schickele, but will do so soon hopefully. RVW's Oboe Concerto has always been my favorite in the repertoire-it is insanely beautiful, a true knockout. The version here is good, although I have several favorite recordings and this is not one of them. The opening mvt is too rushed (imo), and when the strings enter-the 'spine-tingling moment' does not happen for me. The Strauss..well it's ubiquitous for a good reason, and the performance here is quite good.

Concertos for Oboe and Orchestra, Track Listing:

R. Strauss

1) Allegro moderato
2) Andante
3) Vivace

Vaughan Williams

4) Rondo pastorale
5) Minuet and Musette
6) Finale (Scherzo)

Peter Schickele

7) I. Aria attacca II. Scherzo
8) III. Chant
9) IV. Dances attacca V. Epilogue 

Enjoy all



Bad news about the rotator cuff. If it comes to surgery get three opinions because I was diagnosed with rotator cuff and was to have drastic surgery but another better doctor diagnosed frozen shoulder requiring no surgery but merelt cortisone injections. Would have been an expensive painful debilitating disastor to get the unnecessary operation.

Anonymous said...

Nice to have you back and posting. I was missing your posts last few days. And most importantly, get well!


Marcelo Lasta said...

Super OboeConcerto de Peter Schickele,todos gratos y líricos opus,Tzadik,un fuerte abrazo!!

Marcelo Lasta said...

Espero que estes mejor de tu dolencia,querido Tzadik,por cierto,una vacaciones por mi tierra nativa te harian bien,y visitariamos el famoso Teatro Colon,magna sala donde tocaron Strauss ,Toscanini o Karajan,ideal recinto para apreciar música sinfónica,esa que tanto amamos y que une-inexorablemente más que cualquier religión o credo- más al mundo.Un gran abrazo,y que te repongas presto.Tu amigo patagónico,Tapirman.

Johannes R. Becher said...

Sad to hear that, hope it's nothing serious. Jobbulást!

Tzadik said...

Oh my C M I hadn't even considered surgery; perhaps I've been blocking it out. Injections would be fine with me, not exactly fun times but a walk in the park compared to going under the 'knife'! Perhaps physical therapy will help, although it may just be wishful thinking on my part..


Tzadik said...

Hi there Piterets, it's equally as nice for me to have you here and commenting :-) I hope things turn around a bit, I had physical therapy all last year for my elbow on the other arm; I don't like falling apart; and it's doubtful if I continue to crumble that anyone will come visit me like a great far-off ruin. So, this is a lose-lose situation I think.



Tzadik said...

El doctor T, estoy tratando de reducir el dolor con buena música (y por desgracia analgésicos) y elevar el brazo, aunque me encuentro sentado en posiciones ridículas incómodas para disminuir el sentimiento que me parezco a la torre inclinada de Pisa "en la carne ", haha. Feliz te gusta el concierto Schickele, es materia de la diversión. Sí, ¡oh, cómo me gustaría viajar y ver a su gran país sería una verdadera delicia. Tal vez algún día! Por ahora apenas puedo comprar lo suficiente buena comida ... así que debo conseguir "volver a mis pies", como dicen .. algún momento dentro de este siglo!

su (doodling) Yankee,


Tzadik said...

Hello Johannes and thank you for your words (speaking of which now I feel like posting Bartok). It's somewhat serious, although I'm just going to wait to hear what my options are, I'm going to a hospital tomorrow for more x-rays and a chat with the doctor.