Thursday, December 3, 2015

Béla Bartók - Concerto for Orchestra - Dance Suite - The Miraculous Mandarin (Suite) - London Symphony Orchestra, Sir Georg Solti - Decca 1965 (Remastered, 2001)

A truly great Bartok recording, this. Many of you will already own it I'm sure, but since I have enjoyed listening to it so very much today (and every time) I feel like posting it, anyone who does not own this classic Bartok should have it in their library! Sir Georg Solti was one of the great conductors, and Bartok was one of his specialties; every moment under his baton is fiery and passionate.

-Which recording do you all prefer, Solti conduction the London Symphony Orchestra here, or the more recent and digital performances of Solti conduction the Chicago Symphony Orchestra? I love both about equally, although ever since this Decca recording has been remastered so superbly, I suppose it has the edge for me.

Sir Georg Solti

No other words are necessary for such brilliant, classic repertoire, so for those visitors who find this recording to be new-enjoy all the Bartokian beauty, power (and especially in the Miraculous Mandarin.....violence :)  

Concerto For Orchestra, Sz. 116

1) Introduzione - Andante non troppo - Allegro vivace (9:22)

2) Giuoco della coppie - Allegretto scherzando (6:50)

3) Elegia - Andante, non troppo (6:32)

4) Intermezzo interrotto (Allegretto) (4:16)

5) Finale - Pesante - Presto (9:22)

Dance Suite, Sz. 77

6) Moderato (3:33)

7) Allegro molto (2:14)

8) Allegro vivace (2:49)

9) Molto tranquillo (2:36)

10) Comodo (0:59)

11) Finale - Allegro (3:58)

12) The Miraculous Mandarin, Suite BB 82, Sz. 73 (17:46)



Marcelo Lasta said...

Super,esta versión the best universal de los opus bartokianos.

Tzadik said...

Amigo Tapirman Estoy de acuerdo, es uno de los mejores. Y oh .... hay tantos otros vale la pena elegir de también! ¿Cuál es tu pieza Bartok favorito?

Abrazos de la TZ

Colin said...

Thank you TZ for this classic recording, I never have been able to listen to it until now. It is amazing..

the best,