Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Julian Wachner - "Blue, Green, Red" for Trumpet and Organ - Musica Omnia 2014

The American composer and conductor Julian Watchner (born 1970) wrote "Blue, Green, Red" which is a three-movement piece for Trumpet and Organ on a commission in 2013.  It is infused with the influences of jazz and blues while simultaneously radiating a fine sense of majesty. Wachner paints each movement's respective color with aplomb using the tone colors of the two instruments to great effect. As I was listening to this before work today, I thought it would make a nice albeit small post. 

**If anyone has left comments over the last two days (and I hope you have!!) I thank you and apologize for not replying. I shall do so tomorrow when I have the time.

I hope everyone enjoys.



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