Friday, December 11, 2015

David Maslanka - Concerto for Piano, Winds, and Percussion - Concerto No. 2 for Piano, Winds and Percussion - "Testament" - "Traveler" - Symphony No. 4 Illinois State University Wind Symphony, Stephen K. Steele - Alexandra M-David, Piano - Steven Hesla, Piano (2 CDs) Albany Records 2005

And now we have a 2 CD set of Maslanka's musical surprises. Everything here is imo wonderful (I do especially like the concertos...then again I especially like this whole program ;) and worth getting to know and love. As I am running out of posting time already I shall end here; I have included the booklet notes. 

-I would love to hear from some thus far "quiet" know who you are...the 1000 plus a day folks who enjoy the music but do not comment ;)  Honestly, I would like to hear from a few "new" people...what do you fancy about the music? What have you been listening to lately?? What is your blood type and favorite color??? I'll take anything really, just reach out and share the passion, if only for two minutes..  

Enjoy everyone!

Maslanka_Concertos_Etc.[Disc 1]

Maslanka_Concertos_Etc.[Disc 2]




Robert Fabian said...

Good Morning from Toronto
I'm one of those lurkers. And I generally appreciate the music that you feature. It takes me to somewhat less familiar, but still engaging, music. This coming term I'll be presenting a course on The String Quartet [] to Ryerson University's LIFE Institute []. It's the architecture that draws me to the string quartet, and it's the deep musical expression that drew so many great composers to the medium. Your selections show me a different architecture. thank you

Marcelo Lasta said...

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper,conocia la inefable Symphony 4 del composer,pero no los Pianoconcerti,graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacias Ilustrísimo Tzadik,Monster Sacro of Musas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dr.Tapirman(¿tal vez algun Pianoconcerto o Sinfonia 6 & 10 de G.Lloyd,como regalo navideño,jajajajajaja),Grato y forte abrazo.

Stephan said...

Thanks for your page. Great Recording of Maslanka didn't know that composer so far. I discovered many composers thanks of you and bought their CD (e.g. Hovhaness, Hanson). One of the coolest discovery was the hermetic Organ of John Zorn. I love it when i turn on Subwoofer... not so much my wife :-)

Was just curious if you are passionate Bruckner fan as well.

Btw. check out this modern composers, it's really good:

John Luther Adams:

Dobrinka Tabakova:
Remembers me somehow the metamorphoses for 24 solo string of Richard Strauss.

Oliver Davis:

theblueamos said...

Thank you very Much TZ.I need to have another spin whit these.I need an empty house though.So far it sounds promising Stay well.Best wishes from Jerusalem.

Fadograph said...

I only recently discovered your blog, but I can tell you it's the most interesting music blog I have ever
known! Thank you very much for all you do.

vsense said...


Another lurker who especially enjoys your comments on this nice collection of slightly off center classical music.

Much appreciated,

Tzadik said...

-Thank you to everyone who took a moment to comment!! Keep them coming, it's a real joy for me. I will get back to you all tonight, as I have no time right now.

Kind regards,


Tzadik said...

Hello Robert, I'd like to thank you for taken a moment to introduce yourself. Indeed, the nice thing is once you acknowledge that you are and have been a lurker-there is no 12-step program attached or needed ;-)
(and the same goes to the rest of you cultivated, shadowy anonymous types out there!)

The course you are offering is a great way to get listeners (especially those classical lovers who are somewhat reluctant to explore the chamber repertoire, and quartets especially!) to open up to the music, learn about it's rich history and thus get excited to explore further. And YouTube these days can be such a great tool (it can be difficult to get a good string quartet to perform during a lecture, after all!) for educational courses on the arts. It's a good thing you are not offering a course on the complete quartets of Haydn-one would need not to enroll for six classes but six semesters ;)

I see there are concerts with such quartets as JACK and Artemis - impressive artists! It would be fun if one of your classes included a group outing to one of the events. Then again that runs in to money I suppose, and everyone would have to be on the same page.

-Do you have a (single) favorite quartet? For me this would be terribly hard to answer-although Schubert's No. 15 in G is high up there along with the usual suspects (DSCH, Bartok, Beethoven's later quartets especially...and on and on and on)

Kind regards,


Tzadik said...

Estimado Dr. T, estoy feliz de que los Concerti del piano son nuevos para usted! Ellos son realmente obras preciosas, muy mágico, al igual que la mayor parte de la música de Maslanka (para mí!). -Usted Tiene ni idea de lo difícil que ha estado tratando de encontrar mi colección G. Lloyd - aaarggh me está volviendo loco, sobre todo porque yo también muchas ganas de escuchar sus grandes opuses otra vez! Yo te digo a mi amigo, voy a encontrar en algún momento - no se olvide de que tengo la música en el almacenamiento y en la casa de mi familia, entre otros lugares, no sólo mi apartamento (si tuviera el dinero me gustaría alquilar un apartamento del segundo sólo para algunos de mi colección jaja!)

Incluso si tengo que volar a su hermoso país y entregar personalmente los discos para que en algún momento me-confiar en lo haré :-)

Abrazos para el maestro de las ondas de radio argentinas,


Tzadik said...

Hi there Stephen, thank you very much for commenting. It's very nice for me to hear that you have discovered music (especially Hovhaness! that's a huge moment for so many people I find) on my blog; that is my goal and purpose here-along with getting visitors who share this passion for music to talk about it, share thoughts, or comment on anything at all really, that's what matters :)

Happy you like Maslanka, and Howard Hanson as well. I have so much Hanson that I wish I had had the time to post already-along with so much else-but, all above mentioned will be posted many more times in the future..

Bruckner I have had mixed feelings about; years ago his symphonies used to bore me to tears, and then as I took the time to really listen and study them closer, I slowly became fond of them. I do really like the George Tintner edition that Naxos put out some years back, but have not played in in a long time.

Haha, so your wife doesn't simply adore the low-frequency oscillation created by Zorn's 'Hermetic Organ' disc ay? I am not surprised!

As far as the composers you mention go, I am familiar with them all, especially John Luther Adams whose music I have admired since around 1990, a time when he was hardly on the radar. These days he is one of the most celebrated composers, and rightly so.

-Dobrinka Tabakova is a strong voice as a 21st century composer, her music has delighted every time I have heard it. If you would like "String Paths" and do not actually own it, I posted it on my blog last year, hopefully the link is active still..



Tzadik said...

Oops that's 'Stephan', sorry friend


Tzadik said...

Hi Blue, great to hear from you. I hope you find the time to give all the music a proper listen! I am guessing it's family life that makes it difficult to spend time with so much music? That would be a normal situation; my daughter lives with her mom so (sadly) I have more free time for such musical adventures. (only work gets in the way, the pesky thing!)

All the best,


Tzadik said...

Fadograph, thank you for commenting, and thank you for such a nice compliment about the blog! That means so very much to me. You are of course very welcome, hope you keep visiting :)

-Btw...does your nickname have anything to do with a Samuel Barber piece? (lol, the answer can only be yes as far as I know..)



Tzadik said...

vsense/Wayne, thank you for saying hello and sharing the appreciation :-) . Hmm your name (alias) sounds familiar, perhaps you are only a "part-time" lurker? As silly as that sounds..



Toon van Dijk said...

Many thanks and regards from The Netherlands. I wish you a very healthy 2016.
Veel dank en groeten uit Nederland.