Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Happy 150th Birthday, Jean Sibelius! Sibelius - 'Song of the Earth' - The Captive Queen - Two Chorales - Cantata - Scout March - Hymn of the Earth - Processional - Dominate Choir, Seppo Murto - Lahti Symphony Orchestra, Osmo Vänskä - BIS 2005

OK - so for me (and likely many of you) this is a HUGE birthday in music to celebrate. Looking at the clock right now, it would seem, that I missed (that is, in a declamatory, posting sort of way) Sibelius's birthday by 1 hour and 40 minutes. Well....that's just too bad, Jean (and by Jean, I actually mean you people - that's right it's code, for those of you who might just have ruffled feathers imagining that I was going to neglect posting in honor of the birth of Scandinavia's greatest composer. Well better late than never I say, you musical rapscallions! That's right, I showed you..

So, here we have a delightful disc of lesser-known works (most of Sibelius's vocal/choral output qualifies as lesser known..) for chorus and orchestra. And there are some real gems here, which will be evident from the start, with the 14 minute "Jordens Sång" (Song of the Earth), which Sibelius composed in 1919.

The three photos above are from the Sibelius Monument in Helsinki. I rather like the structure, needless to say I'd like it much more if I could be there in the pink! (Even almost 2 hours late, Eastern-Birthday time)

-I have included the booklet notes, which is especially helpful for all of you as I'm about to fall asleep at the keyboard.

Sorry all for not adding the information on the 'Clarinet Quintets on Jewish Themes' discs yet. Things have been difficult today however I shall take care of that Wednesday evening!





Jojhan said...

Beautiful, I never heard these Sibelius creations before!

Thank you from B.C.

Tzadik said...

Hi Jojhan, you are welcome. Yep Sibelius wrote some high quality pieces for voices, chorus/orchestra. They remain mostly obscure unfortunately.

B.C. ..is that as is British Columbia? Really gorgeous terrain out there.



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Tzadik said...

You are welcome anon


sazor said...

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