Saturday, April 9, 2016

American Breeze: American Music for Woodwind Quintet - Steven Stucky - Jenni Brandon - Bruce Adolphe - Amy Beach - Jennifer Higdon - David Maslanka - Musical Arts Woodwind Quintet - Albany Records 2012

I am up, although barely awake as it is very early. I'm getting ready to drive family to the airport and this extremely fine disc of Contemporary (with the exception of the Amy Beach) American woodwind music is what I have playing. I'm enjoying it as much as my French press so it is share time. Practically everything is excellent listening here, and I am especially fond of Jenni Brandon's playful and exciting "Five Frogs", David Maslanka's Quintet No. 4 and Amy Beach's utterly enchanting "Pastorale". I find it difficult to listen to Beach's little woodwind gem but once; it's really gorgeous and it's elegant lines move me greatly. Ah and I cannot leave out Jennifer Higdon's attractive and moody "Autumn Music" (inspired perhaps by Samuel Barber's wind quintet masterpiece that celebrates the warmer months?).

Fantastic music abounds...and to all wind music fans, this will be your candy shop! 

Enjoy everyone


theblueamos said...

This looks yummee.How are you dear TZ? Are you on your feet again? The wonderful posts you sent since your return indicate hope.?All we have is to enjoy the moment,and hope we have many more moments.Be well.Wishes from Jerusalem.PS.Do you download?Because there is a fantastic Sofronitsky set on israbox.It was probably recooked so the sound is fine.Cheers.

Tzadik said...

Yes Blue it is on the yummee side! "Five Frogs" by Jenni Brandon (b. 1977) is memorable from the get go, I think it's to be an 'instant classic' in the wind quintet literature. It deserves to be anyhow. I am doing alright, I don't like to complain (I am a major kvetcher as it is!) but things are difficult. Posting a bit more helps, and needless to say my spirits have been up - I am listening to a ton of music these days! Oh I am a pathological downloader - when I have the time! I know israbox I believe, however I feel as if I have had frustration with downloading from there in the past; would have been a long time ago, so maybe I should give a look. If it's an all-Scriabin program that would be great - I haven't listened to Sofronitsky in quite some time!



Scraps said...

Ah, a modern wind quintet, one of my favorites just contemplating it!


cjvinthechair said...

Hm...chamber music; ah, OK, wind quintet, + Maslanka, Higdon, Stucky - will try !

WMS.Nemo said...

Thank you very much!

Tzadik said...

Good Scraps, I hope it lives up to your level of excitement - and expectation - I'm sure it did/will!
What piece or pieces do you like the most?


Tzadik said...

Cjv I am certain that you will enjoy the Maslanka. And likely also the works I mentioned as my favorites.
-The short Pastorale by Amy Beach is gorgeous, no?? Most of Beach's works have been posted on other
blogs over time I believe; otherwise I would have posted everything myself! She was one of the greatest American female composers - perhaps the greatest. (I never like to bring up gender as one shouldn't have to but sadly in the realm of "classical" music it's important, and remains so still)


Tzadik said...

Greetings WMS.Nemo, nice to hear from you and of course you are very welcome!