Friday, April 8, 2016

Get to know your fellow visitors, Vol. 1: Scraps

Just like you, Scraps loves the world-wide-web and is uncontrollably drawn to music blogs!

When he spends too much time with his computer downloading music, his bombshell wife gets jealous-thinks he's cheating ('this is WHO you prefer Scraps??). Yes, short wired and stout makes this hourglass pout!!

The marital conflicts and stress in his life is often sublimated through his infamously wild Herbie Hancock improvisations

...or by visiting his younger brother who always offers real emotional guidance

Scraps is strongly opposed to anything farm-raised and can often be found fishin' down by the river

Although a lover of classical music, Scraps has a 'soft' spot for harder music including metal and spent two years in the 1980's touring with Def Leppard. Here he is during an encore - he is so grateful for his fans!!

Initially this fame meant money was no option; this was short-lived however as like a sudden jolt of rock n roll lightening from his electric guitar,
Scraps fell on hard times - doing time. He "didn't know" about the back taxes!! 

Released early due to his exemplary behavior, Scraps used both his talent and unrelenting resolve to reinvent himself. Long story short, he ended up becoming the first "hybrid-conductor" appointed to the Detroit Symphony!


Timmy! said...

Well you not only have a great blog, you are also a madman :)

Tzadik said...

Hello Tim-Tim (is SouthPark inspired, no?)

Thank you for your compliments :) I'm now realizing that this post will be amusing mostly to it's dedicatee as no one else will have any clue as to what the hell I'm going on about!

And Scraps, I hope you don't mind me bringing up your resistance to taxation? :-P


wonder said...

The big question is why? Why do you do it Scraps?

Scraps said...

It's true about the back taxes. Sniff.

Otherwise: I VAN'T VOMMENT.

Tzadik said...

Hahaha, tell him, wonder! We need to know!! ;-)


Tzadik said...

Hmm Scraps Von't Vomment? Guess he Vants to be alone. Ok then, Greta ; )


coppinsuk said...

Like the humour - obviously you are now in fine fettle?



Douglas (UK)

Tourmeline said...

Hahaha - funny and weird :-)