Thursday, April 7, 2016

Birthdays & Events: yea or nay?

So some of you have likely noticed that I have not posted any 'birthdays & events' ever since the flooding. I'm not sure whether or not I should continue? It doesn't take terribly long really, however if the majority of people just scroll past these posts looking for recordings that interest them, which is fine needless to say, I might as well not bother. Let me know what you think, or rather reply IF you enjoy the events posts. You can leave a comment or just click "magnificent" so I know. If you have no interest, then **and this is the first and ONLY time you will ever 'hear' me say this**---> please just ignore ;-)


Tzadik, not logged in said...

Lol, well it appears to be a tie at the moment. Only those interested need to reply or clickity-click 'magnificent', but ok I see that a couple people feel strongly about be keeping the events posts far
far away. Umm perhaps they are spooky?

Scraps said...

I really like them (which maybe you can tell because of my replying). It sparks conversation, even if just for laughs.

People who dislike them can just skip them; it's only once (at maximum) a day, right?

p.s.: I'm definitely not a robot. I know that people who disagree with me are not robots either. (Grudgingly.)

--Scraps (my not-a-robot name)

Tzadik said...

I agree, and it often motivates me to search out certain recordings in my collection that I might not have otherwise.

BTW - as you will soon see - you ARE a robot.


wonder said...

Be unpredictable. I would like that.