Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Medieval Christmas - Pro Cantione Antiqua and The Medieval Wind Ensemble - Innovative Music Productions (IMP) 1986

A charming and festive album this, with mostly Medieval tunes and songs. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!!!

A spicy Christmas feast, from a time when classic and folk music mixed. There was little difference in the popular music of the church or the tavern! Often more Chaucer than Christian… A lively record to sit back and enjoy! The attraction of the melodies and especially the exciting rhythms of Medieval music has influenced composers like Vaughan Williams and popular icons such as Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull. Many pieces are as popular today as they were centuries ago. 
-From the album

"A spirited recital by Mark Brown's Pro Cantione Antiqua and the English Medieval Wind Ensemble. The six singers are old hands (including Charles Brett, James Griffett, and Michael George) and it's a good full-bodied sound they produce. Still more attractive is the rhythmic variety of their performances, starting with the well-known Alle psallite. Other medieval pops include Angelus ad Virginem, Orientis partibus and Goday my lord syre Chrristemas and a particularly lovely setting of Beata viscera by Perotin. It is also good to hear Plainchant sung by human beings rather than daleks!" - The GRAMOPHONE

Tracks info:

1.Ductia (English, 13th Century) 1:17
2.Alle Psallite (German, 13th Century) 1:07
3.Portugaler (French,14th/15th Century) 2:12
4.Angelus Ad Virginem (English, 13th/14th Century) 2:46
5.In Seculum Breve (French, 13th Century) 1:31
6.Orientis Partibus (French, 13th Century) 2:05
7.Ductia (English, 13th Century) 1:27
8.Verbum Patris (French, 12th Century) 1:36
9.E Semine Rosa (French,12th/13th Century) 2:25
10.Alleluia Psallat (English, 13th/14th Century) 1:47
11.Thys Vol (English, 14th/15th Century) 1:34
12.Edi Beo Thu (English, 13th Century) 1:45
13.Ecce Quod Natura (English,15th Century) 2:39
14.Nova, Nova (English,15th Century) 1:47
15.Goday My Lord Syre Cristemasse (English,15th Century) 2:27
16.Danse Real (French,13th Century) 1:52
17.Beata Viscera (French,12th/13th Century) 1:51
18.Virgo (French,13th Century) 1:09
19.Beata Viscera (English,13th Century) 2:15
20.Quene Note (English,14th/15th Century) 1:17
21.A Sollis Ortus (French,15th Century) 2:48
22.Tard Il Mio Cor (English,15th Century) 1:14
23.Ther Ys No Rose (English,15th Century) 4:12
24.Nowel, Synge We Both Al And Som (English,15th Century) 2:01
25.Nowel, Owt Of Your Slepe (English,15th Century) 2:11
26.Hayl Mary (English,15th Century) 3:32
27.Synge We To Thys Mery Cumpane (English,15th Century) 2:41

Enjoy all ye listeners


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SEarle said...

Beautiful album thank you!!