Sunday, December 18, 2016

We are all in the wrong business.

This is why:

Check out Mahler's revisions in blue crayon!

This is the 232 page handwritten score of Mahler's Symphony No. 2 "Resurrection". It sold for only $5.6 million at Sotheby's in London last month.

How do we make that leap....the career change??

So clearly we all should start by having much more talent, followed by 1) being a dead composer who chose cryogenic freezing prior to death, or 1a) has a time-machine stashed at the least, 2) less talent but enough to be an auctioneer at Sotheby's - can you imagine the commission, or 3) become a legitimate, legal relative to Gustav Mahler, and then go find his "stuff". 4) Hire an attorney

*If the above listed fails, open your very own special place on blogger. Continue collecting cans.


Tzadik said...

It's a special sight indeed to see these pages close-up. For anyone who doesn't realize, click on the photos (or any images in any of the posts) to enlarge them. To see the actual size you can control-click 'open link in new window or tab (which I always do on blogs, I'm on a mac however) or in windows its right-click...I dunnoo what.

Other parts of the score have violet or brown colored edits apparently. Who knew that Mahler was 'fun' enough to write in violet?

Ikhnaton said...

I saw them in original. When I stayed in Vienna a couple of years ago with my relatives, there was an exhibition about Mahler at the Jewish Museum. I put out my handy (not smartphone!) an photographed it secretly.
Without backup I washed my device in my trousers and all my nice photos "sind der Welt abhanden gekommen". Sad Story.

Tzadik said...

Wow - would love to see anything handwritten by Mahler. And yes how very disappointing about washing your device (that's one personal device that doesn't require a daily scrub ;)

Similar thing happened to my father over the summer, although it was an iPhone. He had just taken a good 700 photos on vacation and then managed to go into a lake w. phone in pocket. My daughter being savvy about all things 'smartphone' suggested buying a bag of rice - next shove the phone in the middle of the rice - in a bowl. Didn't work. Did work for her when she dropped her phone in a toilet however.