Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Cradle of the Renaissance - Italian Music from the time of Leonardo Da Vinci - (Ensemble) Sirinu - Hyperion 1995

Yes, yes, this is a capital example of musically taking a 180° turn. This is a magnificent disc of Renaissance instrumental music, songs and dances. Ensemble Sirinu is pure magic, really my only complaint is that they only have a few releases. In fact, this is I think the only one that I own. I don't make a habit of requesting music on my own blog - however, if anyone has Sirinu's "Court Jesters" 
release on Griffin records - it would be most welcome!! 

Apparently Sirinu has had works especially written for them - clearly that would suggest composers who are still 'in the pink', or at least one would hope. Graham Fitkin and Howard Skempton are two such examples of not-dead people. I have not heard any of the collaborations - but I am most interested!

Quite a while back, maybe one year or almost two, I posted a couple recordings on Dorian by one of my favorite early music ensembles of all time, The Baltimore Consort. If there's any real interest I will happily share more of their releases - just let me know. Their contribution to early music has been important to me (my spirit attests to this!) and their musical alchemy conjures up not only ancient times but so many fond memories personally.

I've included the booklet making things nice, easy, and yes......informative.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one! Boy, what I would give (if I had the talent or patience) to become one of those Early-music multi-instrumentalists like that dude in the first pic. He's my hero... :D

r. said...

wow Tz many thanks!

like so much the one who can play the harp, the kanun and the santur yay! :D

well... Tz please have a Great, Plenty Blessd Holyday Nativity, to you and your loved ones, May the Strong of The Divinity in all of us Pervade completely your blessed self and let you continue your work, life and interests with Peace, Truth, Trust in mankind and The Reach of all your Goals

please forgive my english if any word appears a little bit out of context, so this is not my maternal language

Merry Christmas, Blessed Winter Solstice and Happy New Year!
many many many thanks for all your efforts!

Tzadik said...

Haha I like that :) I have to say I agree, being a serious instrumentalist in general must be so very rewarding, and playing several instruments that have been producing sweet sounds for centuries - I think there must be something really special about the moods and atmospheres that one can conjure up - it would seem the best sort of "time-travel" - that one can experience - by way of music-making.


Tzadik said...

Greetings "r"

Hmm everyone seems to be especially 'stoked' on the merry-making gent on the left in the photo!

Thank you, dear visitor and friend from afar - for all of your warm wishes and truly lovely words - they mean a lot to me and I wish all the same to you. We need to have hope for and faith in our humanity more than ever - may we live to see a more loving, peaceful, truthful and compassionate planet!!

Your english is more than fine - make that eloquent :)

Blessed winter solstice and the happiest holidays to you,


Hieronymus said...

Just beautiful and with much enchantment! Thanks Tzadik friend

danny said...

thank you!