Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Adelphi Saxophone Quartet: "Simply Four Saxophones" - Jean-Philippe Rameu - Jean Francaix - Gabriel Grovlez - Astor Piazzolla - Béla Bartók - Jean Rivier - G.F. Handel - J.S. Bach - Ferenc Farkas - George Gershwin - EMI Classics 1998

Someone recently (in a comment I haven't responded to yet, only noticed it in my gmail) requested the music of Ferenc Farkas, a very good lesser-known Hungarian composer. This fine recording  of music for Saxophone Quartet was the first disc that surfaced. I have the Toccata discs and some others and frankly now I'm quite eager to hear them all again! I have no time to comment, although I will quickly say that the Adelphi Quartet are exceptional. And, everything here is a great listen (if you enjoy saxophones...and if for some reason you don't...well, it's really about time you did!!)

Needless to say the Bartok is a "perfect 10" (the wonderfully rustic Romanian Folk Dances would sound good played on a kazoo!) and while I enjoy everything here, the Francaix, Farkas, Gershwin and Piazzolla also stand out the most imo.. 

The audio files for this album = 159 mb and yet when I compressed them, and then uploaded
the file to zippy it's 128.43 mb.. I would have expected it to be around 145 to 150mb. So I d/l it myself to check, and it seems to be fine. I dunnnooooooo

Enjoy the sax appeal.




theblueamos said...

VERY LOVELY.Hope all is well and getting better.Thank you very much and all the best from Jerusalem.

Anonymous said...

As a saxophone player myself, thank you for this wonderful disc.

Tzadik said...

Hello dear Blue. Great music ay? Happy you like! Things are a tad better, thanks..


Tzadik said...

anon you are quite welcome! what are your top 5 Sax pieces?