Thursday, January 28, 2016

Music of Ukraine: Rheinhold Gliere - Taras Bulba, Ballet Suite - Yevhen Stankovych - Rasputin, Ballet Suite - Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra, Hobart Earle - ASV 1997

Colorful music from the Ukraine, Gliere's lovely Suite from the ballet "Taras Bulba" is rooted firmly within the realm of Borodin. Yehven Stankovch's "Rasputin" Suite from 1990 is a work packed with original ideas and forward drive, in an idiom that is generally tonal yet clearly modern. The second movement is especially memorable with it's satirical, circus-like atmosphere which stylistically reminds me of Ervin Schulhoff in his earlier dadaist-influenced years. Delicious, swirling "prankster" music! 

The evolution of Ukrainian symphonic thought is a dynamic and continuing process which has deep historical roots. At first glance Gliere and Stankovych may seem worlds apart, but a hereditary link exists between them which transcends both space and time. 

Rheinhold Gliere is a worthy representative of late 19th century symphonic tradition, and I cannot think of a single score that does not enchant. 

*I will add a proper amount of information on this disc late tonight, I must run for now!

*And thank you to everyone who has left comments the last couple days! I will go through them tonight, I look forward to this greatly as always :-)

Enjoy everyone!



Marcelo Lasta said...

Suuuuuuuuuuuuper gracias,querido Tzadik,2 ballet inéditos,solo conozco el Taras de Janacek,pero de Gliere es toda una primicia para este loco discómano,gracias y me atrevo a solicitarte cdo. puedas alguna Sinfonia de Lloyd como la 5,6 o 10,muchas gracias!!!!!! Tapirman,siempre suyo.

Aggelos said...

Thanks mate! I purchased this in the past, since it has to be in a Gliere's fan collection.
Truly venturesome initiative by the ASV label, to record such a Gliere rarity.

Leonid said...

This is the wonderful music, kind thank you for such greatness in the blogging!

cjvinthechair said...

Ah - had the Gliere from somewhere, but Stankovych is new & most welcome, thanks !

Tzadik said...

Hola querido doctor Marcello, sí el trabajo de Janacek es mucho más conocido, y merece ser, aunque el Gliere es muy bueno también, por supuesto. Feliz te gusta :) Y sí - cuando puedo encontrar el Lloyd está solicitando - podría tomar un tiempo - Voy a publicar para usted.

Su mejor hombre de la costa este,


Tzadik said...

Hey Aggelos! I was thinking of you when posting this, and was hoping you would emerge from your silence ;) Of course I am joking - after all I'm the one that has been flakey with emails..

I have some interesting links that I have to send you btw, info on Ukrainian composers and also rare cds for sale. Will do so soon!

I hope you are doing well my friend.


Tzadik said...

Hi Cjv, it's nice that I have posted something "new" to you, it feels like it's been a while since I've been able to pull that off ;) Hope you enjoy the all-Stankovych post as well, and there's more to come, once I can find the rest of my Stank collection (I doubt he'd have fancied that shortened nickname...)


Tzadik said...

Leonid thank you for your kind words! Enjoy