Monday, January 25, 2016

George Lloyd - Third Piano Concerto - Kathryn Stott, Piano - BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, George Lloyd - 1989 Albany Records

If Lloyd is a new name for you, after listening to his music you will be puzzled as to why that should be! He is a composer of powerful, original music that is brilliantly crafted and extremely moving. Why record labels are not all over his music is just baffling. Extremely baffling. Superb releases do exist however, on Albany (his greatest champion; Lloyd had a close relationship with the co.) including this disc, as well as on the defunct Conifer Classics and a couple others. 

I have to say I forgot just how magnificent and monumental the 3rd Piano Concerto is. A knockout..

George Lloyd was born in St. Ives, Cornwall, in1913. After early successes with operas and symphonies he was badly shell-shocked during World War II and as a result he spent many years in the country growing carnations and mushrooms and only composing intermittently. Eventually his health improved and more works were written. In 1977 his Eighth Symphony was broadcast by the BBC Northern Symphony Orchestra. This event marked the beginning of the public's increasing interest in his music.

George Lloyd writes: "Apart from the Fourth Symphony, my first three piano concertos are the only works in which I consciously took the Second World War period as a starting point in my mind. This may lead the listener to expect nothing but brutality and other of our nasty characteristics; he would be wrong; there was also gaiety, love and all the gentler sides of humanity as well as the horror." 

Enjoy everyone!


Marcelo Lasta said...

El triunfo de las Musas,por la libertad sublime,graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacias querido Tzdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadik,super,muchas gracias,todo un regalo de Navidad(atrasado pero valedero,bien,valió la pena esperar los AMABLES PIANOCONCERTI del Sr.LLOYD),muchas gracias desde las pampas calcinadas,un abrazooooooooooo,Dr.Tapirman.

Tzadik said...

:-) :-) :-) :-)