Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Birthdays for January 19th

Here we go. Smaller list for today (I'm sure I'm forgetting someone)

1613 - Jacques Huyn
1676 - John Weldon
1679 - Girolamo Chiti
1760 - Melchor Lopez Jimenez
1806 - Vaclav Jindrich Veit
1827 - Carlos Guido y Spano, Argentina, conductor
1832 - Ferdinand Laub
1832 - Salvador Giner y Vidal
1839 - Bohumil Pazdirek
1883 - Hermann Abendroth, German conductor
1884 - Albert Louis Wolff
1899 - [John] Herbert Whitton Sumsion, organist/composer
1906 - Lanny Ross, radio singer (Show Boat, The Swift Show), born in Seattle, Washington
1909 - Hans Hotter, German bass-baritone
1915 - Alvy West, American orchestra leader (Andy Williams Show), born in Brooklyn, New York
1917 - Rudolf Maros
1928 - Edward Gerard Schurmann
1936 - Elliott Schwartz
1938 - Eskil Hemberg
1943 - Janis Joplin, American rocker and blues singer-songwriter (I had to include Janis!)
1944 - Pehr Henrik Nordgren
1944 - Laurie London, English singer
1945 - Charles Amirkhanian
1955 - Simon Rattle, England, conductor
1973 - Antero Manninen, Finnish Cellist

*All individuals listed are composers unless their profession is listed ("conductor", "soprano", "violinist", Particle Collider Technician, balloon folder, Superstring theorist, pet psychiatrist etc.)

If anyone wants me to post/list the birthdays for all the days I wasn't online let me know.


Wolfgang said...

I'd be very glad to have the list of the birthdays, if you could post it.
Thank you very much!

Scraps said...

("conductor", "soprano", "violinist", Particle Collider Technician, balloon folder, Superstring theorist, pet psychiatrist etc.)

I'm a freelance cobalt testing range, myself.

Simon Rattle is one of my favorite conductors. Though maybe it's his name. Rattle rattle rattle. Well, no (yes, also, but no). I like his Bartok piano concertos, Stravinski's three symphonies, Nicholas Maw's Odyssey, etc. (Or etc!)

(No blockquote ["Tag is not allowed"]? Shock! it's a harmless HTML tag. Ah, well.)

Tzadik said...

Hi Wolgang, finally took care of it :)


Tzadik said...

hahaha now that's also an impressive vocation scraps! Love Simon Rattle. He has indeed rattled my B&W speakers many o times ;)

Well....this is blogger...can't expect too much :-o