Saturday, January 16, 2016

Message for CJVinthechair

Hello my friend. The last two weeks have been simply awful for me, with my sanity being pushed to the limits. During the last week especially. I just checked my email and blog for the first time since 1/8, I have not been online at all - and discovered a comment in my blog-related inbox from you; nothing has offended, I just didn't look at any comments (and didn't notice any with everything I have going on) and thus haven't responded to anyone, as far as I can remember. I would be disappointed if you didn't comment (or enjoy my blog anymore), I look forward to msgs from visitor-friends like yourself! I am posting this directly in the hope that you will notice. Please know that while things are not "okay" for me, everything else is indeed "okay" :)



coppinsuk said...

I really appreciate all the effort you expend on this blog - always interesting music with some really riveting pertinent comments.

I do not know how you can keep up with it?

All the very best during your "fraught" moments.


Douglas (UK)

cjvinthechair said...

Most kind of you to take the trouble, Mr. T.
Wonder if perhaps 'things have been better' for us both right now.
Yup, well, can't ignore a personal post, now can maybe you'll put up with me again after all ?

Thank you.

Tzadik said...

Douglas, thank you once again for your kindest words, this means a lot to me.

And how do I keep up with it... well, as you can see, I am doing a rather rubbish job lately (well, make that in general) keeping up at all!!

I would like nothing more than to post a minimum of 5 discs a day or so; but with everything that just 'happens', these days/years (ahh..that's life after all), coupled with other stressors, I often cannot drag myself over to my mac and hard drives and disc drives etc., just too emotionally burnt once I have any free time :(

BUT...when I can, I will always post. Hopefully more and more!



Tzadik said...

Ha- yes, CJV.....I must put up with you, I wouldn't have it any other way my friend :) And if there is any kind of hardship or discomfort in your 'neck of the woods' in any way - and I know you will find this silly as you know me solely through my blog and a mutual love of music - but, *you can email me should you ever fancy. As much as I love sharing music, I would give it all up if it meant helping even one person when they are in need. So, if I sound like a lonely, desperate for attention daft troll suddenly - well that is not the case. (haha, really it isn't I assure you!) I like to try to make even the smallest difference - I want those I know to steer clear of the 'abysmal plane' that I have spent too much time in. This sounds melodramatic perhaps, but if I can offer even but a flicker of light to another - it is then that I feel that perhaps I have a reason to be on this globe.

Kind regards,


*Or I can just stop posting chamber music if that warms the cockles of your heart?