Thursday, November 20, 2014

"Ghosts" - Finnish Brass Music by Aulis Sallinen, Kalevi Aho, Rautavaara, Tuomas Kantelinen - The Guard's Band

Here's a couple Brass music posts by request. This is a fascinating collection, and my favorite works
here are Sallinen's (really love Sallinen's orchestra music) "The Palace Rhapsody" (1997), and imo better still is Kalevi Aho's "Tristia" (1999). In a mere 11 minutes, full of mystery and certain exoticisms, Aho manages to create a work of amazing substance and impact, really on a sonic level of his symphonies. Actually imo this one of his finest works in any genre. Liner notes I have included so I needn't babble ;)



Anonymous said...

Yes! Thanks!

It is very good disc, it was shared by someone recently too. I do like Sallinen quite a bit.

This is the kind of brass music that I enjoy. Would love to get more of it.

Sallinen is an interesting composer. I have one of his discs (from NAXOS) that I have not seen online, which means I might share it.

Thanks again!


Tzadik (i'm not signed in) said...

Piterets, oh was it? Funny how that happens, even with lesser known discs! I suppose you have it then, oh well. I have plently a Brass but it will take time to figure out where I am keeping it. I know the Sallinen Naxos you are referring to(works for strings), it was one of my first all-Sallinen purchases. I have a double disc set on Apex (I think it's Apex anyhow) that has very good versions of Sallinen's "better known" works. A lot of great stuff on CPO especially, also BIS and so on........... -Tz

RonanM said...

hämmästyttävä - kiitoksia paljon!