Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Yesterday's Birthday - Alfred Schnittke - Concerto Grosso No. 1 - Concerto for Oboe and Harp - Concerto for Piano and Strings - BIS

Alfred Schnittke was born on November the 24th, 1934 and died on August 3rd, 1998. 

Huge fan of Alfred Schnittke's works am I, especially his Concerti Grossi and Concertos. Yes, I am also fond of his Symphonies and the String Quartets...ok I like almost everything he penned (although his late bleaker works, somewhat less). Schnittke's poly-stylistic Concerto Grosso No. 1 is probably my favorite among the five in the series, and the two concertos on this disc are wonderful also. This BIS disc (and there are almost 40 Schnittke discs on BIS I believe!) is one of my favorite Schnittke recordings.

Due to this damned cold I missed several major bdays from the last few days, including Benjamin Britten. I will add belated bday posts sometime soon.

I hope you all enjoy...




theblueamos said...

If it makes you feel even slightly better,I would like to say that I find the:Ippolitov-Ivanov - Orchestral Works,utterly beautiful. It is raining very heavily in jerusalem for the past 24 hours,I get quite anxious in situations like this.I do not like endless rain.But to listen to such beautiful lush sound,cures the anxiety and brings hope.Be well soon and don't worry about the posts.The beast is satiated .All the very best from jerusalem.

Tzadik said...

Hey t.b.a., well yes, it does make me feel better to know that you agree about the orchestral works, and that it's indeed helping you lessen the anxiety (oh, do I know about anxiety..) during the stormy weather. Out here it's raining ice, extremely slippery and I work soon...not happy about this as my car is dreadful in winter weather. I'm still sick but off tomorrow happily! Thank you for your message my friend! -Tz