Sunday, November 16, 2014

Paul Hindemith - Today's Birthday (born November 16th, 1895. d. December 28, 1963) Mathis der Maler - Concerto for Winds, Harp and Orchestra - Konzertmusik for Brass and Strings

Paul Hindemith is one of my absolute favorite composers. This most individual 20th century master simply commands a Bday post ;) Hindemith was an influential modernist, cerebral yet also playful, a true genius whose music to this day-is puzzlingly neglected in concert halls and on the radio (with the exceptions of course being the "Mathis der Maler" symphony and his "Symphonic Metamorphosis on Themes by Carl Maria von Weber"). Of course, I love Mathis der Maler, it's pretty much a prerequisite for any Hindemithian. And, this Chandos disc is my favorite recording of "Mathis..", with Herbert Blomstedt's account being a very close runner-up. The "Concerto for Winds, Harp and Orchestra" and the "Konzertmusik for Brass and Strings" are also exceptionally rendered, and while I cherish the CPO (from the complete three box-set) accounts of the latter two works, I find this Chandos disc to be finer sonically and interpretation wise. In short, one of the best Hindemith discs available.  

I am at this point, too tired to write in any detail about the recording (it's 3:45 am here) so here's a few photos of Hindemith looking quite Hindemith-ish:

Hangin' with Igor



theblueamos said...

Wow! what a Hindemith collection.Tow of them I have, the requiem I love a lot.Somewhere I have it conducted by Hindemith himself,(I have to k\look it up).The last post I do not know in this version,so Im looking forward.Hope all is improving.All the very best from jerusalem.

Anonymous said...

Desconocia el Harpakonzert,con winds de Paul,uno de mis favoritos del siglo 20,gracias,de nuevo,Master of the Musas,Sr. Tzadik!! Tapirman,tu primer seguidor,hasta el final!!

Tzadik said...

Hey t.b.a. So you have the Requiem recording and also the Viola works on ASV? The Chandos is excellent, happy that's new to you at least. Things are okay btw, thanks for your thoughts! Tz

Tzadik said...

Hola Tapirman. ¿Quieres decir que no te gusta el Concierto para Arpa y Vientos? De todos modos, espero que disfruten todo el resto de la Hindemith :) Como siempre, gracias por sus amables palabras! -TZ

Anonymous said...

this is a comment for the whole blogsite.
i'm astonished ,you tzadik,are great ,maybe we have the same taste,i suppose ,but your knowledge is large and it's appreciating to vary styles as you succeed to do.i usually listen jazz free avant experimental hip hop etcetera…no reggae ,,,,i adore classical ,and much more 900…also your nick tzadik ,lovely remind me instantly to tzadik label ,a must for me when i was twenty,,,, my english is no good ,hope you understand me,greetings from italy

Tzadik said...

Hi Christian, thank you for such a nice comment!
Yes, I listen to so much music and love so many different musics that it's almost overwhelming :) I do like Jazz a lot, especially the more avant-garde and experimental types (Tzadik the label in fact, as you know, is a great source for such music, especially the label founder John Zorn's own music). "Tzadik" is a word that stems from Jewish mysticism, found specifically in the Zohar but also the Kabbalah. I am huge on old school hip-hop, and indeed underground and experimental hip-hop (Themselves, Deathgrips, Antipop-Consortium, Beans, Prefuse 73, ediT, machinedrum, the gabber-fused hip-hop mania of Hellfish, and so on..) The current state of hip-hop, mainstream crap, is terrible, and has been soulless
for over a decade. Btw, your English is just fine!

Venite a visitare presto il mio amico. -Tz