Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sergey Taneyev - Today's Birthday - Complete Quintets - Taneyev Quartet etc. - Northern Flowers

Sergey Taneyev was born today, November 25, 1856 in Vladimir, Russia. He died on June 19, 1915, leaving an important legacy in Russian music, especially in his expertly crafted chamber music. He was also known for being a master contrapuntalist (Taneyev studied counterpoint obsessively for years) and a close friend of Tchaikovsky, one of Taneyev's biggest advocates. The so-called "Mighty Five" Nationalist composers were perpetually puzzled by Taneyev's music, and were openly hostile to what they perceived as Tchaikovsky’s and Taneyev’s Western, "cosmopolitan leanings". Taneyev's Quintets are in my opinion some of his finest chamber works.


Part 1


Part 2


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Ignace Erauw said...

Very greatful for your wonderful work. I am somewhat oversad that alot of works posted here and else, are just neglected on the scene, or podia.
The narrow standard repertoire is that much overplayed it is no joy anymore.
For long, I considered Lupus Schubert to be the best, until my fellow foretpianist P. Vermeulen recorded the whole piano work on a Nanette Streicher and Lupu fell of his chair, literally.
But will care about Vermeulen.
So do gretat interpreters, but mainly great works disregarded as not, yes as what ? There is no argument not to give all these pieces and interpreters a bigger chance.
There are hundreds of orchestras and ensembles, so, enough room to get these works the attention they deserve.
Beethoven literally comes out of my throat, given the sheer burst of cycles, performances, etc ... and this for decades on.

A revolution only will stop this nonesense.
Thanks for this honest offer for a good cause.
But throw it on google+, at least we can discuss about it, cause it is a poor show there now. People copy pasting videos from youtube, not giving it even the trouble of giving a meaning why...
Civilization is in danger, really.

Ignace... in Belgium, another Absurdistan :)