Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Alan Hovhaness - Divertimento for Clarinet Quartet (World Premiere) - Suzanna Dennis Bratton, Michael Kornacki, John Varineau & Joel Schekman, Clarinets - OgreOgress 2012

Here is another little gem from the Alan Hovhaness world premiere recordings courtesy of OgreOgress. This charming work is in seven brief movements and in total duration clocks in at just under 10 minutes. It's highly enjoyable, classic Hovhaness, and, needless to say, Hovhaness-freak/follower that I am - I adore every second of the four-piece clarinet "choir".

The tracks are listed in the txt file that came with the release which I'm including.
Since this is small release I am including both the Flac and Mp3 files from the download, keep both if you like!

Enjoy everyone!



theblueamos said...

So happy your back\alive.Please next time you disappear send a sign.SHANA TOVA dear Tzadik

Marcelo Lasta said...

Feliz,dichoso por estos nuevos opus de Hovhaness,el verdadero composer genial del s.20 en USA,junto a Ives,Gerswin y Cowell.Abrazos,gente linda!!!!!!!!

Alexandru Valentin said...

Dear freiend, thank you for such a wonderful music. Greetings from Romania!

Tzadik said...

Hello dear Blue, thank you for the kind words friend! I will leave a sign, although hopefully things will change and keep me from such darkness. The worst thing I have going on now is how awful my internet connection is - not a minor issue for a 'net freak like myself :( But, I'll take this over the all the other tsuris!

I do hope you are doing well,


Tzadik said...

Ah doctor T, sabía que estaría emocionado por estos pequeños Hovhaness libera :) Creo que son todas piezas muy finas, y hay un par más de la misma fuente que tengo que conseguir (no puede permitirse ahora) también. Ives, Gershwin, Cowell ..... Grandes Ligas Americana de hecho !!


Tzadik said...

Hello Alexandru, thank you for commenting! I am happy to know that you are enjoying the music :)
-What part of Romania to you come from?