Thursday, October 20, 2016

Re-up: Alan Hovhaness: Symphony Etchmiadzin, Armenian Rhapsody No. 3, Fra Angelico, Mountains & Rivers Without End

Ok sorry for the wait centuri (and others), I know you requested a new link for this disc over a week ago. I have been too busy and since my 'net connection is now awful - it is currently taking over 15 minutes (!!!) to upload the file - this should take under a minute :(  

Thus I have to make sure I have time to "wait" around to post anything now. I simply can't afford a decent provider connection anymore and that's why I had to entirely forsake having net access during the summer months. Being submerged in the virtual (which is oft better) reality is one of the most important things in my life (sadly, yet wonderful at the same time I suppose). It's all beyond depressing for me. 

Anyways go here everyone in need:

Lastly, I will try to post this weekend - it's been another 9 days of silence in here and my wonderful visitors all deserve more music!!

Your Tzadik


cjvinthechair said...

Virtual world is certainly no worse, & quite conceivably batter than its earthly equivalent ! As long as enough like-minded folk think likewise, I shan't begrudge my hours spent on-line.
Hope to see your fortunes, on & offline, restored sooner rather than later. We'll be waiting !

centuri said...

Excellent recording, thank you so much !

Anonymous said...

Why not ask for some donations to help get a better connection? It is a win-win for everyone.

All we need is your PayPal address.


Tzadik said...

Yes, and Cjv I do more often than not find the "online" world to be much more pleasing; if "life is what you make of it", the 'net is still closer to whatever you want it to be - imperfections and troubles aside..and 100 other things give or take.



Tzadik said...

century you are most welcome, happy I could finally post it for you!


Tzadik said...

Hi there Jack, thank you for your comment and suggestion. Thing is, I would feel too guilty about asking for help. I have always said no no no, even on the occasions that I truly would have liked to say otherwise, especially to my close friends who try to give me money so I can buy more food or fill up the gas tank; it's entirely embarrassing for me to have plummeted into this rut filled especially with financial woes. It keep me up most nights - but, there is music, thank god (or rather thank the composers - their existence isn't in question at all).



La Danse de Puck said...

Dear Tzadik, I haven't been here in ages. But on reading the above I wanted to say that I felt exactly as you do regarding money. Except that virtual people, us, we happy and troubled few, have somehow developed a "7th? 8th?" sense relative to those who surround us in this virtual world. I was as silly as you until one day I realized that financial woes were eating up my creativity, my joy in music.... I had suddenly stopped listening... stopped "feeling".... That's when I decided I had better LEARN to say "yes" to whatever came my way. And it has been thanks to glorious virtual friends that I have survived. Had it not been for them, I would not be writing this. You should dwell on the possibility of learning to say "YES" every now and again and also learn to "ASK" for help when you're going down the drain. Just wanted you to know that it is possible from a source that has lived through what you are going through. All my love, Puck. It can be done, you know!!!