Sunday, October 9, 2016

British Composers Premiere Collections Vol. 4 - Dorothy Howell, Piano Concerto - Lilian Elkington, Out of the Mist - Cyril Scott, Harpsichord Concerto - Salamon Jadassohn, Serenade No. 3 - Malta Philharmonic, Michael Laus - Cameo Classics 2014

Here is another volume from the fantastic British Composers Premiere Collections. I have posted volume no. 2 already, and the rest of the series will be added at some point. Volume no. 2 can be found here if you missed it: 

For me the nicest surprise on this collection was/is Cyril Scott's Harpsichord Concerto (how many of you knew that Scott composed a harpsichord concerto?? I sure didn't until I bought this disc!) which is a lovely and exciting addition to the repertoire, not to mention something of a curiosity - British composers are not exactly noted for writing concertos for harpsichord (off the top of my head I can only think of Walter Leigh's "Concertino for Harpsichord and String Orchestra", John Rutter's "Suite Antique" which technically isn't a concerto, and then I believe Gordon Jacob wrote something for harpsichord and strings, although I don't think it was a concerto. Frankly I'm too lazy to look it up right now!) The concerto opens with a touch of Moeran, Debussy, and even Martinu - to my ears anyhow. The work is clearly Cyril Scott's alone, however there is a touch of dreamy, almost Debussian exoticism which remains in the flute and strings. Scott's Harpsichord Concerto was written in the same year as his Cello Concerto, and although the premiere performance was apparently well received, 70 years went by until a second performance was given.

I would post complete Cyril Scott discs but to my happy surprise I recall that other bloggers have done so over the past few years. I'm not sure if the early Marco Polo discs have been posted actually - those I would share if they haven't been already. I would have to go blog-hopping to check.
I dunnnooooooo

I'm going to end here and pick up again with more album information tomorrow as I am at my parents (being here is currently the only way I can upload at a decent rate, and since I stopped by anyhow I brought this disc with me to share) and it's getting late. Time to get back to my cozy apt. with my oh-so-cozy 56k modem speeds. Aaaargggh indeed!!



centuri said...

Thanks for your wonderful, diversed and so interesting blog. Among others, I am a big fan of Alan Hovhaness' music. May I ask you to reupload the follwing:
Alan Hovhaness - Symphony Etchmiadzin
Merci !!!

Mark said...

Great to have you back Tzadik. If you happen to have the Chandos disc of Cyril Scott's Symphony No. 2, it would be great if you could post it. Thats the only one that I have never been able to find on other blogs...

Anonymous said...

Have a nice return, Tzadik! Gabriel

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to have you back and with two great posts. All pretty much new to me. Thank you very much. All my best, Gary

Marcelo Lasta said...

Magnifico tu retorno,amigo Tzadik,te extrañaba con tus discos inhallables,gracias por retornar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! un abrazo de Doktor Tapirman.

coppinsuk said...

Always a delight to receive your postings as they contain music not encountered previously.

You are an "original".

Thanking you - good to see you back.


Douglas (UK)

nhac giaohuong said...

Welcome back ! You 're my hero

Tzadik said...

Hi there centuri, thank you for commenting and for your kind words! It's nice to hear that you are a fellow Hovhaness fan; have you been listening to his music for years or is he relatively new to you?

I will be happy to re-up the A.H. disc that you mentioned (a great one indeed!) however I will have to wait until tomorrow or the next day (it's getting late here and my new internet provider is cheap & awful - thus it takes me much longer to upload anything now) but I promise you I will do so :)



Tzadik said...

Hi there Mark! Thank you for the warm welcome back. I do have the Scott Symphony No. 2, it's just a question of (like always!) where I am storing it, or if it's in my apt right here in a stack or one of many boxes.. I will look around over the next couple of days for you.



Tzadik said...

Hello Gabriel, nice to hear from you friend. Thank you for commenting and for sticking around with patience! I was gone for too long but life was just.......bad. As always I'm trying to bounce back and move forward..which, I might add, involves at least 90% "musical therapy" ;)


Tzadik said...

Gary, thank you for your very nice words - as always great visitors like yourself mean the world to me and that is why no matter what happens or how much time goes by - I will always come back and offer music that makes me soar and smile, travel within my mind, and fans the flames of "the passion"!

All my best,


Tzadik said...

Marcelo L / Doctor T, lo bonito que es saber de usted otra vez! Ok voy a ser honesto ... Te he echado de menos, mi amigo del cosmos musicales, mi hermano Hovhaness :-) Espero que la vida ha sido amable con usted, y bien para usted y su familia (y sus animales queridos! ) Espero que disfruten de los dos estrenos Hovhaness me acaba de agregar!

Con abrazos,

su Tzadik

Tzadik said...

Greetings Douglas, it's a pleasure to "hear" from you; your praise is always so kind, so flattering. I appreciate it wholly my friend. A although I am having serious issues w. my download and uploading speeds, I will be around, sharing new things as always and hopefully making listeners happy along the way
to discovery.



Tzadik said...

nhac, thank you for the warm welcome my friend! Actually you are more MY hero - you are always ready to leave kind comments and offer friendship! You are a lovely human to know :) Stay in touch, and stay with the music!



Paul Terry said...

He said "Debussy" ... I'm in!
Thanks and glad to see you're doing OK, Tzadik!

Paul Brigg said...

Many thanks. I confess to being puzzled, though, by the inclusion of Jadassohn in a "British Composers" collection. His giving a few lessons to Delius seems to have been about the extent of any British connection! (He is, however, a very good and neglected composer so I'm happy to find another of his works, however inappropriately placed!)