Sunday, October 9, 2016

One cannot seize the day when moving @ the speed of 56k

I couldn't be more disappointed right now. Uploading the Colleen disc took me over 20 minutes (!!!!)
Really it's 1996 all over again. This is hugely discouraging. I will have to prepare windows of time in advance now just to post :(  And I had a superb line up of posts to get this place going again. I'm stopping by my parent's house briefly, so I will import at least one of the discs again while I'm there and post it as their connection is of the 21st century. Had I known what my upstream would be (I haven't uploaded anything since I got this cheap service) I would have started with a different, more mainstream album.

And to think that I thought time wasn't on my side with posting in the past! I'll make it work somehow (anything short of moving in with my parents that is!).



Pia said...

I'm sorry to hear about your internet woes:( It seems tragic that someone so kind and brilliant like yourself should be struggling with money. Wish I could help!

Stay positive always tz.

r. said...

Hail Tz!

So let me say you sir... that here in southamerica
in vzla, this time of you to make an upload are marvelous!

here by the many and continuous mistakes of the bad oriented
people that govern us (plus the bad people to elect them, the
majorty ignorant an selfish oriented without autonotice on thyselfs)
finally we have the worst and slowly switching-up-down internet
service of the civilized world...

i understand you situation, but here we are at less many many
less capable to make downloads... here i can for example to make
downloads for the many musical blogs by servers who support resume
or make them at late night hours (3am and forward) so dont feel discouraged!

please xcuse again my many mistaked english write

go ahead and continue your Blessed service!
really many thanks for the disposal of your time to do this

hugs and best wishes... Apolo & Diana Bless You Ever with
Healthy Music, Healing Feelings and Right Sided Toughts