Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Alan Hovhaness - "Mysterious Horse Before the Gate" for Trombone & Percussion - (World Premiere) - Grand Valley State University Percussion Ensemble - Robert Ward, Trombone - OgreOgress 2016

So here are two A.H. posts, both a couple of nuggets (needless to say, as they come from the mighty pen of Alan Hovhaness we are speaking of golden nuggets!) from OgreOgress's series of world-premiere recordings as digital downloads of Hovhaness works. While the pieces are all small-scale it's been an exciting project thus far. "Mysterious Horse Before the Gate" (Opus 205, from 1963) is scored for trombone and various percussion instruments and although the journey is brief (2 minutes and 50 seconds!) it's a satisfying lil' trip into the celestial realms as only Hovhaness can depict with such wonder and mystery through sound. I usually keep this on repeat, at least 5 times..

In this work we travel to a sonic world not unlike say (the quieter) moments found in the Vishnu Symphony, or in a work such as "Star Dawn", a symphony for winds and percussion with many chimes and tintinnabulation of mediative bells, although one must wait til the end of the last movement. "The Flowering Peach" is another fine example and can be heard on the same Delos disc that includes (and is titled) "Star Dawn". 

I am including both the Flac and Mp3 files that came with the digital download since this is such a tiny release. Enjoy both, or enjoy one..

Enjoy this small package of wonderful everyone!



centuri said...

Thanks a lot for these new Hovahness posts !!

cjvinthechair said...

My goodness, Mr. T ! Dropped by, as on a few occasions, just on the off-chance, & find you are indeed risen from....well, a testing summer by the sound of it !
Now, don't be wandering off again any time soon, please. We have music to share !

Marcelo Lasta said...

Graaaaaaaaaaaaacias por estas gemas de Hovahness,son caballos cósmicos,Pegasus inefables,Rocinantes indestructibles,Allans briosos,que desde el más alla nos sonríen para que continuemos cabalgando en este errante mundo querido¡gracias Tzadik,un gran abrazooooooooooooo! Tapirman,siempre suyo.

Tzadik said...

THANK YOU to everyone for leaving me such warm and encouraging comments in the last few posts since I have returned; I Shall reply to each and every one of you when I have the time!

Best to all,


Glenn Freeman said...

Please remove any and all links to our releases ASAP. Theft does not help our work.

Thank you,
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